Thursday, April 30, 2009

CUPCAKES to Rule the World!!!

I want to apologize for the spaziness of the changing design on my blog. I have been on the computer trying to make all of my Sites look a little more coherent. I think I'm satisfied with the Orange & Cupcake theme I've got going on now. I might get a bug up my butt & change it again. (Etsy doesn't like to compress reds & oranges, so my banner looks a little bit blurry). I'm trying to work on a kind of "Brand" for my business.

Let me know what you think? I could use any input or suggestions you might have. Please comment on anything regarding my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Etsy Shop!!! THANX!!!


So on to Today's Topic: CUPCAKES RULING THE WORLD!!!
These are my 2 newest Needle-Felted Plush pieces!!!

B-Day Cupcake 1B-Day Cupcake 2
This is a super cute little Birthday Confetti Cupcake with candies, sprinkles, & a little felted red ballon on top!!

Red Velvet Cupcake 2Red Velvet Cupcake 1
This one is so sweet it gives me a toothache!! This Red Velvet Cupcake has cream cheese icing, red sprinkles, & a cute little felted flower on top!!

*I'm not totally happy with these photos, I think the white gets too washed out & doesn't POP enough. I might look into taking a better Etsy Worthy photo today!*

And just remember MY CUPCAKES are no-mess & no-fuss!!
They won't get stale or moldy!!

*BTW - this beautiful little girl is my Niece at her very First Birthday!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Philosophical Today...

As a self-proclaimed Political and News Junkie, the chaos in the news is almost too much for me to handle right now. There is so much going on right now: flu epidemic, economic crisis, record unemployment, companies going out of business, war, pirates (yea that one's a throw back), "enhanced interrogation", shootings, suicides, obesity, global warming, N. Korea.... ARRRRG!

Will we look back and say "remember those days, they were rough"? These are tough times, things might get worse, but as of right now, I could look back and think "That wasn't SO bad". Hopefully this is the worst of the worst. We all learn and change during times of crisis, so maybe it's all for the better.

We can all do our little part to help settle the chaos. I decided to look up "Flu Prevention" this morning, because I live in a state that has declared a State of Emergency because of it. Hey, the last thing I need right now is to have anyone I know get Swine Flu. So according to the official CDC (Center for Disease Control) website, you can take these easy steps to help stay happy & healthy.
(it's pretty much common sense, but I'll just remind you!)

•Avoid close contact (I avoid people whenever possible) - √+

•Stay home when you are sick (easy since I don't have a job) - √+

•Cover mouth & nose when you cough or sneeze (duh) - √+

•Wash your hands (it does counts if you use hand sanitizer) - √+

•Avoid touching your nose, eyes, & mouth (yuck, germs) -

•Practice good habits (sleep, eat right, control stress, etc.) - √-

Maybe I'll share some more Chaos-Reducing tips soon. I have some things that I try & do to make my Etsy shop a little bit Greener.


On a more fun & less Apocalyptic note, I have some new Needle-Felted Creations that I will be finishing & unveiling in the next couple days!!! Here is a sneak preview:


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crafty How-To: Felt Spikes & Cords

Today I am posting a fun & easy tutorial on how to make some Wet-Felted Spikes. I recently used this technique to create some small spikes for a Critter I am finishing (should be ready to unveil in a couple of days!). You can also use this technique to make longer cords or snakes. It's fun & easy & fast & all-ages. Enjoy!

HOW-TO: Wet Felted Spikes & Cords:

First you'll need to get your material together:
• A bowl of cold water
• A bowl of warm dish-soapy water
• Some tufts of wool
• A towel (to help control wetness)
• A Bamboo Sushi Mat (or other textured felting surface)
• Some plastic wrap (to help control mess)

Now measure out a tuft of wool. I was making small spikes, so I used a very small thin tuft of wool. I found that you need to break up the wool so that it is short because as you felt it, it will stretch out & be really thin and limp. Remember that even though it may look like a lot of fluffy wool, it will felt down REALLY fast!

Now dip your tuft into the warm soapy water. Since I was making a spike, I want to leave one side dry & fluffy. This will give you a good "flange" of wool to felt to another surface. If you are making a cord or snake, then you can just dip the whole thing in!

Alright, ready to start felting!! It looks all limp & loose now, but not for long.


create animated gif
Create animated gif

Now start to felt on top of the Bamboo Mat. Be sure to be gentle at first, the wool will be very loose and want to stretch out & come apart. If you start gently rolling the wool back and forth, it will start to firm up & felt together. DON'T roll in just one direction, it will just wrap around itself and not felt from the inside out. Now just keep dipping the wool into the warm water & rolling it on the mat. It won't take very long to felt, only a couple of minutes.

Here is the little spike after a couple of minutes of felting. Stay away from the edge if you want to keep it a spike. See the fluffy end at the bottom, this fluff will help you seamlessly felt your spike to a felt base.

Dip & Roll... Dip & Roll...

When your spike is pretty firm, dip THE WHOLE THING (fluff included) into the cold water to rinse the soap out. The cold water will not only rinse the soap out, but also shock the wool, which will help you firm & felt it up even more.

**HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! (sorry just figured out how to make a GIF animation & am really excited how it helps illustrate process. You'll be seeing alot more of this now that I know how to do it!!!)

create animated gif
Create animated gif

Just keep rolling & rinsing. You'll see when the spike or cord is done felting when... well... it just wont felt anymore. This whole Dip & Roll process will take only a couple minutes when using a small tuft. I guess if you don't have a Bamboo Mat or other textured felting surface, you could probably just use your hands and rub the wool between them. Like when you were a kid & you made clay snakes. This would take alot longer than if you use another surface. Try using whatever you have around the house as a Felting surface: drawer liner, non-slip floor mat, silicone oven mitt, paint tray liner, etc.

This is what your spike will look like when you finish felting. It's a little on the rough side, if that's how you like it... uh... But just let it air dry.

I like my felting to be pretty clean, so I needled my spike, just a little to tighten them up even more & poke in all the fly-a-way fibers.

*Note: Never feel like you cannot mix felting techniques. If you try wet-felting something & it doesn't turn out right, go ahead & needle felt over it!! There are no rules when felting. They all do the same job, just in different ways. Don't be a felting "elitist" or "purest". Whatever get the job done for you!

It's so hard for me to get crisp points with felt. So with these spikes I cut off the very wispy end of the wool & needle-felted directly into the tip. This firms up the tip a little. Then you can just clip any stray hairs that may still be sticking around.

If you are making cords or snakes, you are pretty much done at this point. But if you are making spikes, now is the time to take advantage of that fluffy end you left. Take the fluffy end of non-felted wool, thin & spread it out to create an awesome flange to felt. This will help you attach the spike solidly & easily, without adding alot of extra wool.

Now just place your spike wherever you want it, and felt it on!!! I'm not a wet-felting expert, but I think you can also wet-felt it on.


YEA!!! Thanx!! I hope you enjoy this fun & animated tutorial. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to comment on my blog. I'll be posting pictures of my spikes in action soon. Maybe I'll plan for the end of the week (hopefully).


Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Crafty Sunday

Yesterday was a day to experiment & try new and exciting Crafty things. I took photos for a future felting How-To, worked on dying some wool with coffee, dyed my newest Critter with that coffee, and experimented with some interesting ways to stiffed wool. I'm planning to take everything I learned yesterday & incorporate it into some future felting projects. I'm trying to expand and come up with some different felting techniques. So look forward to future ideas & blog posts about my Sunday-Crafty-Sunday!!!

I do have to share a couple pictures from this weekend before I go. I took my crafting out of the studio & on location!! Actually I just really wanted to start a birthday present for my sister-in-law & had plenty of free time when I had to go to the Laundromat. I hate going to the Laundromat. This is the first time where I've ever had to go to the Laundromat & it sucks. I've always been pretty good at getting laundry done, but not now. So thought I'd do something productive...

I did have a couple of business cards with me, just in case, but the kinda Creepy Red-Neck with his super cute pit-bull nor the Old Spinster Lady washing her Old-Cat-Lady Mumu's had any interest. Oh well!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Buzz Worked...

I just saw this link on the Etsy Forum to a Wall Street Journal article about how Twitter & my fellow Sellers helped make Etsy Day a success!! It's exciting to think about how many more people have found our shops from yesterday to today. I personally didn't get any sales from the promotion, but I that's not that surprising!

How #etsyday Grew on Twitter
By Geoffrey A. Fowler

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is National Etsy Day. It's not an official holiday (yet), and the Post Office is still open (for now). This is a gorilla style marketing movement that was organized by my fellow Etsy Sellers to help get out the word. There is a fun great Etsy Storque article that tells you how & what kinds of advertising that will be going on today...

And in Celebration of promoting today, instead of featuring a couple of Outstanding Etsy Sellers, I am posting a giant "Etsy Mini" of some of my favorite Etsy stuff.

Help Spread the word & tell every relative, friend, and arch enemy about Etsy!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not So Hot...

Thank goodness, it's not so hot outside. It was horrible, I priced some umbrellas yesterday that we need to get for the house. We have a big nice sun deck out of the back of our bedroom (on top of the kitchen) that gets direct afternoon sun. It just bakes the bedroom wall and the roof of the kitchen. Also our house is an old town-home in West Hollywood that is built out of something like real clay stucco, so it literally bakes. So I'm going to go get a couple of porch umbrellas to help shade the house for when it gets hot out again.

It was so hot out before that my little cat wouldn't even go outside. He is an indoor cat who loves to go out and sit in the sun. Usually he goes and hangs out, soaking in the rays, but when it's really nice outside...

Little White Cat (+) Rolling in the Dirt (=) Brand New (Dirty) Grey Cat!!!!!

He really is pure white in color, so when you look at these pictures, those aren't shadows, it's dirt. Whatever... at least he's having fun!!!


I listed a new California Roll again. So if you missed it last time (literally only listed like an hour before it sold!) You have your chance to pick one up!!! Cali Rolls are my best sellers (just because I've sold more than one).

california roll 2california roll 1

Felt Sushi - California Roll - $20

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Goldfish Day!!!

uhhh... I guess I meant to say Earth Day, but I'm just really excited about my newest Felted Plush!!! Here he is.....

Felt Goldfish 5Felt Goldfish 2

Felt Goldfish 1Felt Goldfish 3

I needle-felted him out of white wool, then hand-dyed him with non-toxic Kool-Aid. He was boiled in a pot of Yellow Lemonade Kool-Aid, then I sprinkled Orange on top to help create the blended colors. I also felted accent colors on top to give him personality.

This little Fancy Goldfish enjoys long swims near the beach & hanging out with his Origami Lily-Pad friends. He does have a slight water allergy, which makes it hard for him to meet other Goldfish. If you are interested in giving this guy a new home please inquire at

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's soooooooo hot......

Uhhhhhh..... so hot...... blah.....

It's so hard to do anything when it is so hot outside. I ended up sitting on the couch in my swimsuit, eating Cheetos & stewing in my own juices yesterday afternoon. Yuck!!! I think I might got to the gym today just because it's air conditioned. That's sad. I usually try and come up with any excuse to avoid the gym!!!

"Your theory of a donut shaped universe intrigues me, Homer. I may have to steal it" -cartoon Stephen Hawking

In some worried Science News, Stephen Hawking has been hospitalized with a chest infection. In the last couple months I have actually been reading some Physics & Cosmology books (actually just getting into 1 - they are not easy-sunday-reading). He is supposed to make a full recovery, but loosing one of the greatest brains in science would be horrible. I also appreciate how he has become a scientific pop culture icon. There needs to be more Stephen Hawkings and less Brittany Spears!!!


Here are some more picts of sushi that I have posted. I took the pictures of my newest Felted Critter & will be posting them tomorrow!!! (they are good ones).

Spicy Tuna 1Chief's Special Sushi 2

YUMMY!!! We've got:

Felted Spicy Tuna Roll - $20
Felted Chief's Special - $20 - includes 2 pieces of Tuna, Cali, & Veggie

Monday, April 20, 2009

Did I Miss Something...

Just when did it turn to Summer????? It's freaky hot here in SoCal. Like upper 90˚s. Yuck!!! I went girly shopping yesterday. I gave myself a pedicure, then walked over to the Ulta store. I got some new face soap, and hair moisturizer, and refilled my favorite shower soap.

YUMMY!!! I love these soaps! They are great because they are Shower Gel, Shampoo, Bubble Bath all-in-one!! I am super lazy, so it's the best invention ever. I can't stand to have lots of bottles in the shower. Plus they smell... AWESOME!!!


Now for a little day job rant. In case you didn't know, I actually have a very cool day job (when there is work). I sculpt props & sets for movies. In the last year work in the movie industry has pretty much dried up. SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) has been threatening to strike for almost a year. So the big Production Companies have been reluctant to start any big features. Yesterday Sag sent out an updated contract, so hopefully they will sign & work can start up again.

IN ADDITION TO SAG - The economy sucks. I've heard that the Production Companies are also reluctant to make Big-Budget films (the only kind I would work on) because they fear they won't get their money back in the theaters. Even my boyfriend, who works pretty regularly on movies, sees how slow it is. He is stuck working on the rebuild of Universal Studios.

AND!!!! - Why do we have to outsource EVERYTHING!!! My boyfriend said that one of the only bigger productions that people left to work on (basically the only movie in production in Los Angeles) is getting cancelled because they are moving 75% to Out-Of-Country. ARGGGGG!!!!! This annoys me because they are outsourcing our jobs, most likely to save money, then sell the movie back to us, but do they pass those savings along at the theater?!?!?!?! NO! Tickets are still $12 here!!!!

Sorry about that... Thanx.


On a happier note, I've been sculpting some new wool critters recently. I have one that's almost done, but here is the first Sculpted Critter I've made in a long time. I sculpted him out of White Wool, then dyed the darker purple with Kool-Aid, then added some fun lighter colors as accents.

Needle-Felted Octopus 3Needle-Felted Octopus 4

Needle-Felted Octopus 5Needle-Felted Octopus 2

He'll be for sale in my shop later today. I also have listed some new sushi sets as well. My new critter will probably be ready to show on Wednesday!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

my bum hurts...

I was out hiking yesterday at Griffith Park, like every other Thursday. I had taken a new path, deciding to just let myself get a little lost. I found myself on a rather steep down hill path, and then... I fell flat on my butt!!! I hate how you forget how much it really hurts when you fall or skin your knee or cut your finger. It's not like how I remember when I was a kid. I think I'm becoming a wienie.

But anywho... I sold the California Roll yesterday!!! I wish all my stuff would sell that fast!!! I'm making a replacement right now, but in the mean time I have some sushi for that Sushi Virgin who is a little scared of the whole fish part of sushi....

Veggie Roll 1Veggie Roll 2

Felted Sushi - Veggie Roll - $20

Since I already kinda featured myself on this fine Friday morning, I only have the computer-patience to feature a couple of Etsy sellers that I've recently found....

JaraFisk -



popupcardmaking -

Kirigami T-Rex Skeleton, Make Yourself -


Today is kinda like a Best-Buy Feature!! These are awesome products on Etsy for great prices!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So finally got some pictures taken yesterday. It was frustrating because it seemed like the clouds were working against me. It was sunny all morning, then I set up outside to take photos, then the clouds rolled in. ARRRRG!!! There were no clouds all around the horizon, except for a line that was going right over my house. Then it got windy & I gave up. Not before I got some shots, and after alot of tweaking the levels, I got some new items to post. I be posting new stuff everyday for the next week or so...

Felted Sushi!!!! YUMMY!!!!

sushi pyramid 2sushi pyramid 3

california roll 1california roll 2

Felted Sushi - California Roll - $20

So keep checking back to get your mouth watering!!!
I'm hungry now, so I'm going to go eat my breakfast-