Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've been a bad Blogger...

Sorry for my lack of posts this week. Work & life & Crafting can be overwhelming. Still trying to find that balance. It's making me feel a bit anti-computer. Will try harder in the future!!


Yea!! Today is my man's B-Day. Letting him sleep in, then we will be going to dinner at Sizzlers!! I love Sizzlers!! They have a great salad bar & are budget friendly!! Can't wait!

Still Listing New Items in my Etsy Shop!!!

Be sure to stop by to see all the fun & (slightly) Girly items that I've be listing!

Pink Parlour is only 2 weeks away!!

Still have alot to do, but it's nothing compared to my first show. And of course I am scheduled to work 40 hours next week. Been doing about 30 which gives me 3 days off to work on crafty stuff, but of course I get scheduled for more the weeks before my next show... Just my luck...

Be sure to come by if you are in the Los Angeles Area to help support your fellow hand-makers!!

Hope everybody has (or had) a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An All-Out Esty Assault!!!

Yep, doing another Etsy Surge in the next couple weeks!! Got lots done on my day off yesterday, including getting photos of 20+ new items that I will be listing in my shop. Here are a couple of new Cupcakes that I just listed!!

Grey Cupcake4Green Cupcake2


Got lots more Cupcakes and New (re)GIFT BAGS that I will be listing!! Be sure to check out my shop for the latest additions!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lots of Pictures Monday!

So here are some pictures that I took today & that I've been saving up for a fun photo post!!!

Frog Automaton Almost Done!!

Just need to tweak the motion & glue him into place, then he's done!! Hopefully will finish him off & get some final picts & video done in the next couple days....

Frog Automaton  1Frog Automaton  2

Frog Automaton  3Frog Automaton  4

Finishing Up Koi Automaton!!!

Need to finish painting the box black & gluing it together. Then final stages of tweaking, and done!!

Koi Automaton  1Koi Automaton  2

Koi Automaton  3Koi Automaton 4

Felted Chicken Goes Hollywood!!

Here are some pictures of me (looking pretty short & dumpy) next to NBA SuperStar Kobi Bryant!! Everybody's laughing and having a great time with the Felted Black Mamba!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Need Your Advice...

So this goes out to all my fellow Crafters, or just really busy friends & family.....

How do you find a balance between your Day-Job, your house & family, and your Crafty Business???

Man, I know I've only been working at my new job for the week, but I'm going through Crafting Withdrawal. I still get up at like 7 am, and try to do my crafty computer stuff (FB, Twitter, Etsy, Blogging, etc), then get like an hour of creative work done. Then I head off to work. Get home and am too tired to get anything done at night. I haven't been able to put my time in on Etsy & marketing, which makes me scared because it was hard enough to get the little exposure online when I had all day, everyday to work on promoting.

I also have so many ideas that I want to finish up & start on.... I know that I'll get used to working & won't be so tired after a couple weeks (that's a major bummer of being unemployed for like almost 2 years). And I know that I'll get into a groove where I can schedule my time better & get things rolling again... but in the meantime...

Do you have any TIPS or advice on how you found a non-stressful balance between your Crafting Life & the Real World!?!?!?

A Very Big Thank You!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hawaiian Dreams....

So I don't know what it is... It could be the fact that my mom is going on a Caribbean Cruise next week, or the the T-Shirt Lady is blogging from Jamaica, or that the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival is themed this, or that I just started my Day-Job a couple days ago... but I'm dreaming of a VACATION!! I don't have the excuse of being snowed in all winter like many of you, but I don't remember the last time I went on an official Vacation (not just visiting friends or family).

If I could go on vacation anywhere, I think I would go to Hawaii!! My boyfriend is Hawaiian & his whole family is amazed that I've never been there. I love going to the Hawaiian Festival every year here in L.A. I love watching the Hula Dancers, and love vintage Hawaiian themed stuff like advertisements, figurines, kitchen stuff, etc.

I also love Plumerias!! They have quickly become my favorite flowers!! I have 4 small plumeria plants that don't have flowers yet but I haven't killed them, so not too bad!! There are so many varieties, some smell so sweet, and the colors are so vibrant & different!! I think if I were to get more tattoos, I would get some plumeria flowers to surround the rose on my shoulder.

This is a painting by Mark Ryden. I like this image, and it shows that so many people are inspired by the Hawaiian culture. I can confirm from personal experience, that the laid-back, slow-going, no-pressure, no-stress stereo type of the Hawaiian is actually pretty accurate (as far as my boyfriend goes!!) He's so level headed, on the quiet side, but totally balances me out. I'm pretty high-stress & anxious, but he is always there to remind me that there are more important things than work, money, worries. This weekend was our unofficial 2 year anniversary, we didn't do anything special & I'm pretty sure he didn't remember, but that's okay. We don't need to do anything extra special to celebrate, we have fun every other day.

So we'll see... being poor kinda puts vacation planning on hold for a while... But I'm not getting any younger (turning 30 in a few months)... We should make the effort.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!! Plus Drawings!

(not-so-but-was-supposed-to-be) Quick Sunday Post:

Started my day-job yesterday, it was fine, work is work. I was nervous cause of the awkward first-day thing: introductions, eating lunch by yourself, feeling dumb cause you don't know how anything works.... But it went really well. We were busy & I was impressed that I could pretty much help all the customers w/o help (occasionally having to ask if we had something or where it was). But overall pretty good!!!

And here are a couple of drawings for my next sculptures!!! I'm gluing the boxes together for my Frog & Koi & should finish them today!! But already looking forward to bigger & better projects!!

I've been wanting to make a Pink Elephant for a while now. And I really want to make something CUTE!!! I've been working on more realistic type felted pieces, but want to take inspiration from some of my fellow Needle-Felters (Kit Lane, feltmeupdesigns, paintgranny) who make really amazing, clean, fun, stylized characters. So I want to make my Pink Elephant super cool, plus I want him to twirl in a drunken spin. Going to try to do an electronic motor on this one!!

And this one was my Boyfriend's idea!! I think it will be really cool! Want to make a tattoo-style Asian Dragon with a snake like body that undulates up & down all snake-like. Want to make him BIG, and since I made the Black Mamba, I think I can pull this one off pretty easy; basically a giant snake w/ hinged legs & a bearded horse-face. No problem!!

Today is me & my BF's unofficial 2 year anniversary, nothing planned, not really into celebrating holidays... except Christmas of course!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Week of Ups & Downs....

It's been a crazy weeks of Ups & Downs here at the FeltedChicken Headquarters. Haven't got much crafty work done, which is bad cause I have the Pink Parlour Festival coming up in about a month. Need to crack my own whip & get down to some serious felting. It's not going to be as stressful as the Unique L.A. show because I only have a 8' table space (instead of a whole 10' booth), but that doesn't give me the excuse to slack off!! So here is a short list of the Ups & Downs this week.....

Got Super SICK last weekend. Sick enough that I had to go to the doctor & get some meds. This was bad cause I'm pretty poor & I knew that every time I go to the doctor, it costs me like $500. I have crappy Health Insurance, so I was hesitant to go....

Got a call back for a possible job! Of course it was on the day that I was couch-ridden & felt like POO! Called back & had a phone interview... Pretty much got the job....

Woke up feeling better yesterday.... BUT... then saw that some Punk-A$$ stole my credit card number & decided to drain my bank account. Luckily I didn't have that much money in it, but some little PUNK-A$$ is going to get like $400 worth of Rock 'N Roll Tee-Shirts... no joke, those were the websites they bought from...

Got a call, then went & filled out my final paperwork for the possible job... AND... Start TOMORROW!!! YEA!!! It's been years since I worked retail, but I thought working at an Art Supply Store would be pretty fun. Lots of artists working there, probably a rock'n discount on supplies, and a chance to brush up on my some customer service skills.

So overall, the week looks like it's gonna end on an Up... but I'm not going to get too excited, the trend shows that I'm due for another downer today.... But pretty happy & trying to stay positive & totally going to get some crafty work done today!!!! Hope everybody has a great weekend....AND...

Wanted to wish my Mom a


And want to wish everybody a

on SUNDAY!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being Sick is LAME!!

Been sick for the past couple days, and it's LAME!! You'd think that being forced to sleep on the couch & reading all day would be like a vacation, but it's not when you have crafty stuff you want to do!! But feeling better today & going to try and get some stuff done!!

Even though most of you have seen this, I thought I'd share my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl. When I saw this is made me so happy!! My favorite part is when the Sock Monkey is getting the MOM "tattoo"!! Oh, and when the Robot does the "robot" on the dance floor.

Hope it brings a smile to your face today!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Yep, that's right!! WINNERS!!! (randomly picked by using

CupCakes 1
GINNY from The Mom 2 Dancers Blog


Nicole (or) k_towngrl823

**So GINNY & Nicole, I need you to email me at -

(actually just Ginny cause my stupid computer won't allow me to open your email link from your blogger profile) with your Choice of Cupcake Color!!! I know Nicole likes the Blue one, but need both your addresses & Ginny's color choice! The sooner you email me, the sooner I can get your cupcakes in the mail!!!)

YEA!!! I decided to give away 2 Felted Cupcakes because I was so humbled and excited by how much interest there was in my little GiveAway!! Thank You to everyone that entered.... and don't worry, I will try to keep you all reading with some awesome posts I have planned for the near future!! PLUS, I think I will do another GiveAway soon!!


Plus just wanted to share a few Featured FeltedChicken links!! This week was great for seeing all the links & posts Featuring my little Felted Creations (many thanx to you guys!)

First Etsy Storque Feature!! - Top 10 Tax Time Tips From Outright
Featuring my Felted "Burning Dollar" Plush!

Featured on Dabbled Blog - Fabulous Felted Snake
With pictures of the Black Mamba

Picture on Dude Craft Blog - DudeCraft Flickr Pool Roundup
Including the picture of Black Mamba biting my hand

In 2 Etsy Treasuries! - California Dreamz, & QUE Cute
The Treasuries include a Felted California Set & Gut-Zilla!

Thanks to all the links & views this weeks!! I promise to keep working hard! Am just now building the wooden Mechanical Parts (ran into some trouble) for the Koi & Frog, got some more Sweet Treats in the works, and a new crazy, rock'n idea that I might start today!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yep, you've got less than 16 hours to Enter to win one of these Super Cute Felted Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top!!!

CupCakes 2CupCakes 1

Thank You to everyone who has entered so far!! So many new friends!

I will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

Just to remind you how you can enter....

1. Follow my Blog! - Then comment on THIS post - Feb 1, 2010 - "Blog Giveaway #1"
2. Blog about this Giveaway - Then comment with the link on THIS post.
3. Tweet my Giveaway - Then link to your Twitter Account here so I can find & follow you!
4. Become a Fan on FaceBook - Then remind me on THIS post.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Filming Commercials is Hard Work!!

I'm still tired after my long day of work on Thursday!! Got to work with my brother on filming a commercial for his company, and learned alot about setting up lights, cameras, and green-screens. It was a ton of fun, got to hang out with my brother for a couple hours, and got to meet Kobe Bryant! He was the star of the commercial! He's super nice & he is who I made the Felted Snake for!! his nickname is the Black Mamba & he was really excited & loved the snake!!

Here are a couple pictures of the action from Thursday....

Here are also a few nice pictures of the Black Mamba....

Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 6Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 4

Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 3Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 8


Tomorrow is your last day to Enter the FELTED CUPCAKE GIVEAWAY!!! I'm going to check out the links right now!! So many awesome people have taken the time to comment & so many nice comments!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snakes & Cupcakes are No Joke

Today's post is full of in-process PICTURES!!! YEA!!! So to start it off here are a couple of pictures to prove that I am super serious about CupCakes!!! Here are a couple of working photos of the new slew of Cupcakes & Cherries that I'm finishing up!

New Cupcakes Process

Don't forget...
Enter to Win your very own Felted Cupcake Here!!!!
Still got plenty of time to enter, getting off to a great start!!

And also included in this Picture Post today is a series of Photos that show the Airbrush Painting process from my newest Felted Sculpture!! It's a custom piece that I did for my brother (actually it's the first "celebrity" piece I've done, and hopefully will have picts of said celebrity and the snake in a couple days!) He's a Black Mamba Snake!!! Very cool, the snake is kinda boring, but had fun doing all the shading & painting!!

Process of Painting Snake 1Process of Painting Snake 2

Here is the snake all plain & white needle-felted Romney Wool. 99% of all the sculpting was done before I started to paint him. So, got the airbrush out & mixed the watery acrylics & was ready to go!

Process of Painting Snake 4Process of Painting Snake 3

Started with a yellowish base color all over the snake. Wanted to have the under color to be warm instead of white.

Process of Painting Snake 6Process of Painting Snake 5

Dark brown was next. This is the start of the dark shading & super dark body color on the top. You can see how I started to shade the top scales while trying to leave the lighter space in between.

Process of Painting Snake 7Process of Painting Snake 8

BLACK BLACK!! Yea, He's starting to come to life!! This is the first of many, many layers of Black color for the body & even more shading.

Process of Painting Snake 9Process of Painting Snake 10

After many layers of black, he's almost done!! I like how his scales turned out with the lighter lines between the diamond shapes. I was trying to make him pretty realistic (well, a little general, but has all the details. I've been trying really hard to work on adding uber detail cause many of my favorite felting artists are those that make tiny super fine detailed sculptures! So Jealous!)

Process of Painting Snake 12Process of Painting Snake 11

So here he is!! Added a few details on his face to help make it pop. He turned out pretty cool, wish the subject was a bit more colorful, but hey, this is what the Black Mamba looks like, so whatcha gonna do?

Process of Painting Snake 13

This is his done & shaded under belly!! Like the ridges!

Don't forget about the BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!