Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So this weekend's Halloween!! Have any super-scary plans? We are going to a party tomorrow night, should be fun! I'm not the dress-up kinda gal, but do enjoy seeing other people's creative ideas. We've been watching some Scary / Horror movies this week, to get into the spirit of the holiday. We also want to see a couple movies in the theaters ZombieLand & Paranormal Activity.
Maybe Sunday!

So in the spirit of the weekend, here is a short list of some fun-super horrific movies we've watched recently on DVD....

An oldie, but goody!!! We watched this the other night, and as over-exposed as it's become, it still rocks!! I haven't seen it in years, and thought it would be pretty dumb, but it's still a great movie!!! Go back & watch it, again!!!

Just came out on DVD. This one's based on a classic Anime movie. It's not a great movie, but is a fun flick, with a couple awesome fight scenes. Vampires, blood, martial arts... Can't get any better!!! Plus it's in English, so no reading!! Not scary, but vampires count!

So this one isn't scary either, but incredibly gory. Tons of crazy blood shooting everywhere, so much decapitation, a chick who gets her arm cut off and gets a machine gun replacement. AWESOME & FUNNY!

**NOTICE: this movie is super, crazy, amazingly bloody. It's all stylized & not real what-so-ever, but if you aren't into gore & senseless violence, this movie is not for you. Also, it's sub-titled, so gotta read & watch.

And finally.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this movie. It's an amazing Swedish movie that is terrifying. It's beautiful & disturbing. There is some blood, but it's not really the focus. It is also sub-titled, but if I remember right, there isn't a whole lot of dialog, so it's okay. The fact that the story revolves around children, makes it that much scarier. PLEASE SEE THIS ONE!!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

PinkKiss Pottery is Amazing!!

So just wanted to share some awesome news for a super great friend. Shawna Pincus is an amazing ceramics artist who has recently been featured as "Etsy's Featured Seller". Well now you can find her in this month's issue of DIY Magazine by Better Home & Gardens. Congratulations Shawna! Go buy your issue today!!

(Her's is the cute little rectangle dish with the... um... running foxes? on it)

Also check out her Etsy Shop :
Pinkkiss Pottery Shop

And Blog:
Pinkkiss Pottery Blog

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I feel like a slug...

So I usually try and start the day off really motivated... but... by like lunch time, I've lost my groove. But I do have a couple of things here that should get me moving. I've almost finished a new sculpture!

I also went to the HardWare store this weekend and just walked around looking for odds & ends that might inspire something. It's great fun & I totally recommend it if you have a free hour or so. It was my local HardWare store, very small, but I need to try it at Home Depot or something. You can find the craziest stuff just walking the aisles. I've started some ideas with a "Metal vs. Felt" type idea. Trying to incorporate big moving metal things into my felted sculptures. Kinda fun, different.

I also got a huge shipment on electronic parts that I ordered last week!!!! I'm excited cause now I have a basic electronics kit going (except I forgot to order resistors, so need to go to RadioShack today). So hopefully I get to play with helping get my sculptures moving!!! Yea!!! So in theory I have some stuff to light those flames under my butt, yet again.

I will post pictures of my newest felted sculpture (hopefully tomorrow)!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

At A Snail's Pace

So I've been getting back into things real slow... Need motivation. I finished the custom order yesterday & thought it was so cute that I made an extra for Lance's cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday (that was alot of - 's).

It's a variation of my CupCake bag with Sprinkles!! Pretty cute, especially for little girls.

Didn't get much else done yesterday, except some errands & video games. Did make some Chili last night for dinner cause I miss Fall. My mom used to make Chili the first cold night of the season. It is like 80˚ here in Southern California, but hey, I can imagine it!

Gotta come up with a cool idea to make next. Maybe something awesome to help pad-up my portfolio for applying to Grad School. Applications are due sometime in December, so gotta a couple of months to get a few things made. I'll keep you updated, hopefully an amazing awe-inspiring idea will pop into my head today & I'll get working!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm back......

So my vacation was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun, although Lance did say that he likes Nebraska better than Dallas! I think it's that he had so much fun running around on my Aunt's farm with the animals & quiet country-type living for a day. We ate WAY too much, drank WAY too much, and it went by WAY too fast.

So today... back to work! I have another custom order, plus want to make a present for Lance's cousin's birthday. Day-Job is officially over, great to get some money saved up...


Didn't get into that craft show I wanted. BOOO!!! Kinda bummed about it, took a big hit on my motivation (and self esteem). But it is what it is, right? Maybe that just means that there will be more Day-Job work coming up & it would have interfered with crafty work. So I guess I gotta get back into blogging everyday. Right now it seems like a daunting task, but I promise that I will get back into it! I guess I gotta get working on new stuff so I have something to write about!

Here are a couple of my most favorite picts from my weekend!

Picture of my beautiful family! We got to go out to breakfast at my favorite restaurant in Omaha, Summer Kitchen!! They have the best cookies in town!

A picture of me and my brother. I still don't know if we look that much like each other.

Me and my man. He is way more good looking than me!! And look! He's almost smiling in this picture!!

Lance and my mom trying to warm up by the bonfire. The Halloween party was awesome! It was soooooo cold that night, like in the 30's, so we mainly stuck to the fire-side. My uncles and his sons made a Haunted House in the barn & a Haunted Hay-Rack Ride in the pasture. We roasted s'mores & hotdogs over the fire, and got to see like a million stars! It was an awesome night!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


OMG... I am so ready for my vacation tomorrow. I just finished up my scenic job yesterday, so today I gotta run around & catch-up on errands that I haven't gotten to do for the past 3 weeks. Then tomorrow we are off to Nebraska to visit family. These past 3 weeks have gone by so fast & now I officially deserve a vacation!! My shop is on Vacation mode for the next couple days, but I'll be back to business by next Tuesday!

So FYI... FeltedChicken will be back next week!!! YEA!!! I hopefully will have some good news when I get back from Nebraska & I'm sure I will have lots of picts!! Hang on with me just another couple of days, then you'll get your super-awesome-fun FeltedChicken blog back!!!

Hope everybody has a great weekend, and a super fun Holiday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paychecks are nice!!!

So sorry again for the lack of posting these couple weeks. Been hard at work doing some actual job-type work. It's super tiring cause we are working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. BUT... on the super awesome side I totally made like $600 on Saturday!! Getting those paychecks again feels great!

Only have had a couple "Celebrity Sightings" while working this week. I guess Adam Sandler's Production offices are located on the Sony Picure Lot, so I've seen him a couple times. He's seems super nice & slowed down and said hi to us while we were sitting outside on our lunch. Also saw Dana Carvey (spelling?!?!). Kinda cool, but not too exciting.

And you know what's hilarious? I've made 2 sales since I started back to work, PLUS a custom job that I'm working on. Why is it always seem to work out that way, when you have the time, you don't make any sales, but when you are super busy, you make multiple sales?!?!?!?! I can't complain, I always feel so honored whenever I make a sale!!!

The only other bit of news that I have is that I final applied to that Crafty Show for December!! I'll probably hear if I get accepted by Friday, so wish me luck!!! I'll also post picts of my newest custom job when I get it done, it's super cute & awesome!!!

Thanks for your patience, And sorry for posting with no pictures... It's so boring...