Friday, April 17, 2009

my bum hurts...

I was out hiking yesterday at Griffith Park, like every other Thursday. I had taken a new path, deciding to just let myself get a little lost. I found myself on a rather steep down hill path, and then... I fell flat on my butt!!! I hate how you forget how much it really hurts when you fall or skin your knee or cut your finger. It's not like how I remember when I was a kid. I think I'm becoming a wienie.

But anywho... I sold the California Roll yesterday!!! I wish all my stuff would sell that fast!!! I'm making a replacement right now, but in the mean time I have some sushi for that Sushi Virgin who is a little scared of the whole fish part of sushi....

Veggie Roll 1Veggie Roll 2

Felted Sushi - Veggie Roll - $20

Since I already kinda featured myself on this fine Friday morning, I only have the computer-patience to feature a couple of Etsy sellers that I've recently found....

JaraFisk -



popupcardmaking -

Kirigami T-Rex Skeleton, Make Yourself -


Today is kinda like a Best-Buy Feature!! These are awesome products on Etsy for great prices!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. Some of my greatest memories from being a kid are from Griffith Park. Your sushi is great keep your shop full and it will sell! Hope your butt feels better soon!

  2. Thanx!!! After the weekend off, it does feel better, but man is it hot out!!! No hiking for me till it cools off a little!!!