Thursday, April 30, 2009

CUPCAKES to Rule the World!!!

I want to apologize for the spaziness of the changing design on my blog. I have been on the computer trying to make all of my Sites look a little more coherent. I think I'm satisfied with the Orange & Cupcake theme I've got going on now. I might get a bug up my butt & change it again. (Etsy doesn't like to compress reds & oranges, so my banner looks a little bit blurry). I'm trying to work on a kind of "Brand" for my business.

Let me know what you think? I could use any input or suggestions you might have. Please comment on anything regarding my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Etsy Shop!!! THANX!!!


So on to Today's Topic: CUPCAKES RULING THE WORLD!!!
These are my 2 newest Needle-Felted Plush pieces!!!

B-Day Cupcake 1B-Day Cupcake 2
This is a super cute little Birthday Confetti Cupcake with candies, sprinkles, & a little felted red ballon on top!!

Red Velvet Cupcake 2Red Velvet Cupcake 1
This one is so sweet it gives me a toothache!! This Red Velvet Cupcake has cream cheese icing, red sprinkles, & a cute little felted flower on top!!

*I'm not totally happy with these photos, I think the white gets too washed out & doesn't POP enough. I might look into taking a better Etsy Worthy photo today!*

And just remember MY CUPCAKES are no-mess & no-fuss!!
They won't get stale or moldy!!

*BTW - this beautiful little girl is my Niece at her very First Birthday!!


  1. She is beautiful. :) I need to work on my cupcakes some more. I always love the way other peoples cupcakes look but never like my own. :(
    I saw some of your sushi today on Softies Central. Cool Beans!

  2. Thanx for the heads up!! Check in tomorrow cause I'm gonna do a Felters Feature!!!