Friday, January 30, 2009


I know, I know you're just getting sick of me posting picts of new stuff.... well get over it!! I'm just posting a couple of picts of a new line that I've started to go along with my Sushi sets. These are MEGA SIZED Sushi pieces. Use 'em for pin cushions, paper weights, table centerpieces, whatever you think!! They are available on my shop for only $12!!!!

megatuna 4megashrimp 3megasushi5

The roll pieces are about 3" in diameter and the shrimp is about 6" long. SUPER-SIZED!! Click on the picture & it'll take you right to my shop!


So saw another awesome movie this week. It a horror / ghost thriller. I figured it was going to be more like American horrors which seem to be centered around how much shock & gore they can cram into an hour and a half. Well this one is just really well written & creepy & frightening!!

THE ORPHANAGE - Guillermo del Toro

It is produced by del Toro, the guy that made "Pan's Labrynth" and "Hell Boy II". I think this is a great scarey movie for everybody, no blood really, just creepy kid ghosts!!


It's a Spanish movie so it has english subtitles, but if that's not a huge factor for you, then definitely check it out!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


WOW! Etsy buyers and sellers are pretty awesome. Last night I check in with my Flickr account & usually I get, maybe 150 views per day, well, last night I had something like 9,200 views. I thought it was a glitch, but come to find out someone posted a link to my "Make'n Soaps" felting soap tutorial!! It was quite a surprise!! So in return to awesome Etsy peeps, today I'm going to list a whole bunch of items that I really like & hope that you check them out too!

Hand Carved Squirrel w/ Acorn

Someone in California loves YOU
SplishySplashCraft Canndypan


Munspel the Plush Beast

Sock Monkey - Printable Note Cards


Cashmere Plucky Penguin

Li'l Tiny Monster


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday I posted pictures of my new crab pre- & post- Kool-Aid dye. Today I'm gonna give you a quick lesson on how you can dye with Kool-Aid too!!!

Dying with Kool-Aid is fun & easy & can be done with children (with adult supervision). I've only ever dyed wool with Kool-Aid, but if you've ever spilt the sugary drink onto your clothes (or carpet... sorry mom), you know that it it permanent. Also the natural acidity of the Kool-Aid "sets" the color so that it will bleed little if any.

1) Now, you can use any color or brand of powdery-drink-mix, as long as it's NOT SWEETENED! A couple things to note about preparing your dye bath... The intensity of you dye will depend on how much Kool-aid you put into your bath.


I usually just use (1) package of powder for whatever I dye, cause I like bright colors. You can also mix and match color combinations to create custom colors!!

2) So the first step to dying your fiber in Kool-Aid is to pre-soak it in some warm water. This step is included in all of the instructions that I have read. I think what it accomplishes is to open the scales of the fibers up so that it can absorb more dye. It just loosens everything up and warms it up for it's bath. Pre-soak the wool for about 15 minutes, or while you are waiting for you giant pot of "bath" water to come to a low boil.

3) Once your pot of water (alot of people say to use pots that are designated for dying only, I think this applies if you are using professional acid dyes, but I'm poor & Kool-Aid is non toxic, so I just used my big pasta pot) come to a LOW boil, add and stir in you Kool-Aid. Bring down the heat to keep the water at a nice hot simmer.

I like this picture cause it looks like I ready to cook my little crab!! Don't worry, he's fine!!

4) So now's the time to sit back and let the magic work!! I kept the crab aggitated to help get a consistant overall red.
**You know when to take your fiber out by watching the water. This is easy to see because as the wool absorbs the color from the water, the water becomes less colorful. With many of the Kool-Aid colors, by the end the water is CLEAR!! No dye is left, it's all been absorbed... MAGIC!!

5) At last you wool is ready to come out of it's dye bath!! CAUTION IT WILL BE HOT!!! Now it's time to rinse it out with some warm water. You might notice slight bleeding, so just rinse untill the water is clear. Like I said the acidity of the Kool-Aid sets the color without the need of a setting agent, like vinegar. Feel free to give it another bath with vinegar if you want to super-set the color. So once you rinse it out, pat it with a towel to soak up the extra water. I let my crab sit inside a towel to help absorb the extra water for about an hour, then layed him out on a cookie cooling rack to finish him by air dry.

That's it...
It's Magic...
Pretty awesome...

*wow that took me FOREVER to type out, I hope it's easy to understand. Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


that's really not exciting at all, but I feel the need to psych myself up for it. Lance is going back to work tomorrow, sad, but we need the money, and hopefully that will get me into working more & maybe at night now too. HECK, if I don't end up selling anything more on Etsy, everybody's gonna get super awesome birthday, x-mas, 4th of July, etc presents!!

I think he is pretty cool, although there seems to be something... can't put my finger on it... but something, it's just not there yet. But it is on my Etsy shop, and if he doesn't sell for a while, I'll go back and rework him. That's the great thing about selling online, if it doesn't sell, just redo it!!


I'm highlighting a shop today that I think is super cute, but also helps advance a great cause. ThreeRedTrees is an Etsy shop that is based out of Kansas City who's "mission is to raise awareness and funds for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, a wonderful, no-kill animal shelter". So YEA!! to helping puppies find homes!! The animals are made out of socks!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I had a really awesome weekend, actually just sunday. We got out of town for the day and drove up to the mountains to Lake Arrowhead. It was really beautiful & very NOT-L.A. We ate lunch at this cute restaurant that served great waffles, I think I ate myself sick! It was super cold, horror movie foggy, & there was old dirty snow on the sides of the roads... very wintery!! Here are a some of pictures...
I also posted some new stuff in Etsy this weekend. I'm working on finishing more new stuff too!

Friday, January 23, 2009


yea! not that the weekend really means that much to me, with not working and all. but i think lance & i might head out of town for the day, maybe up to the mountains. i need to get away. i might not have a job, but i do work really hard!! it's hard work trying to start a business thing from scratch....

on that note, more shameless self-promotion!!!! a new (re)GIFT BAG design...

check 'em out at my Etsy shop FeltedChicken
i think they are cute! crabs are pretty funny, i'm working on a new sculpture that's a crab.


so saw in one of the mini blogs i read that there is a new DUNNY series that came out yesterday. Dunny's are small vinyl figures made by KidRobot that are all the same shape (a bunny kinda shape) and are designed and decorated by different artists. they are pretty fun, so this new series are all artists from UK.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


a rainy day is a very big deal for me, and since it is rainy here in hollywood like maybe 5 days out of the whole year, i get pretty excited. you wouldn't think sunny, 85 degree days would be something to complain about, but trust me, i do miss the no-excuse-needed reason to just sit on the couch & watch movies all day. "SAVE IT FOR A RAINY DAY" doesn't apply in california.

NEW WORK!!! yea! here's some more new work.... it's gonna get old looking at all the awesome new stuff that i'm making, but you'll just have to endure it!!

felt sushi - SUSHI COMBO #1

here's a new sushi piece that i finished yesterday. i like it alot, there are 4 pieces of Nigiri sushi: tuna, egg, shrimp, & salmon roe. There is also 4 pieces of a tuna roll, plus some fake green felt grass. i like making sushi, cause i love to eat it. plus it's fun to take something that can seem kinda gross, but make it cute and fluffy!

so go check out my Etsy page FeltedChicken !


so my dad's always asking if i've seen any good movies, well i saw one last night. it's not a really a "good movie", but it was definitely ALOT WHOLE LOT BETTER than i honestly thought it would be....

i thought it was gonna be a silly, dumb, no thought movie, but it was surprisingly well written. the story was pretty good, not what i thought it was, & it had it's super funny parts. And if nothing else you have to watch it to see Tom Cruise curse & dance to a funny, raunchy hip-hop song.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


this time i'm gonna be smart about it, cause i finished a whole lotta work in the last couple days, but instead of posting it all in one day, i'm gonna stretch it out over lots of days, that way it seems like i'm making stuff everyday, but really i'm pushing back the deadline!!! oopss.... i probably shoouldn't have told you, so that way you can think that i'm working super hard everyday & am being super productive!!!


i've made a bunch of new (re)GIFT BAGS in the last couple days. i came up with some new designs, you'll have to wait on those, but these are some that i have in my ETSY shop.

here are some bubble looking gift card holders, or wallets, or pouches, or whatever you'd like to call them. i think the yellow one looks kinda like cheese! Just specify which one you want when you order one (in your message to seller). they are $4.00 each!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


and not the Star Wars kind! today is a proud day to be an American. no matter what your politics might be, you can not deny the significance of today. Barack Hussein Obama will be the first non-white old dude to become the President of the United States of America.

also today i wanted to give a quick bio of Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the Barack "Hope" poster. Shepard Fairey was originally known for his "Andre the Giant has a Posse" sticker art campaign. ever seen those weird black and white stickers with Andre the Giants face on it? well, that's Fairey. He is an art school kid who is a graphic designer and gorilla street artist. He is known also for many music album covers & also social movement and protest pieces. Because of the influence of his iconic "Hope" image he was sent a letter personally for Obama...

"I would like to thank you for using your talent in support of my campaign. The political messages involved in your work have encouraged Americans to believe they can change the status-quo.

Your images have a profound effect on people, whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign. I am privileged to be a part of your artwork and proud to have your support. - Barack Obama, February 22, 2008" - Wikipedia

so take a minute and appreciate art, and america, and the hope for the future. Try not to worry so much about what you don't have, or what horrible things are going to happen, but instead be greatful for the present. (this is way easier for me to say than do, but i'm trying my hardest to just let life come to me as it may.)

** I should have some new work to start showing you guys tomorrow. i have been working hard, it's just that i start like 2 or 3 things at once, then work on them off and on, so it takes a couple more days, but then all of it's done at once.

Monday, January 19, 2009


i dont have to post anything today cause technically it's a holiday! that way i can be lazy & it gives me time to think of something to post tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2009


come on over to my house for dinner!! i'll probably be grilling burgers! the high in Chicago is supposed to be what, -11 there to day? well the high here in Hollywood is supposed to be about 85 and then it'll get down to a chilly 52 tonight! so come on by, i'll be expecting you!!

new piece on etsy!

This is a sweet, adorable Love Bird that is offering you a heart balloon for Valentine's Day. It would be a great gift for your sweetheart!!

i'm planning on making some more critters soon & some other things i'm gonna add to my shop, so keep an eye out!


speaking of cold weather... if you haven't heard this story yet, read it cause it's hilarious!!!!
Found it at:

Indiana boy licks light pole, gets stuck

Fri Jan 16, 6:56 am ET

HAMMOND, Ind. – In a scene straight out of the movie "A Christmas Story," a 10-year-old Indiana boy got his tongue stuck to a metal light pole.

Hammond police say the unidentified fourth-grader was able to tell them that a friend dared him to lick the pole Wednesday night. Temperatures in the Chicago suburb were around 10 degrees at the time.

By the time an ambulance arrived, the boy was able to yank his tongue off the frozen pole.

Police say ambulance personnel explained to the boy's mother how to care for his bleeding tongue.

The 1983 movie is set in a fictional city based on Hammond, the hometown of author Jean Shepherd.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


that's right!! i made my first official Etsy sale today!! Even though it technically was to my aunt mary, it doesn't feel any less satisfying. there's alot going on in the world right now & i was starting t feel it pull me down, but this gave me hope!!! I should have some new stuff up early next week. the sale gave me a boost of motivation. that's all i need!!!

on a more serious note.....


New law could wipe out handcrafted toy makers

A new regulation taking effect next month that's intended to guarantee children protection from lead exposure may put some indie toy makers out of business.

this is from an article on it is regarding the CPSIA - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act which is scheduled to go into effect on February 10th. Basically this law states that all toys, books, clothing, art, educational supplies, materials for the learning disabled, bicycles, etc. that is made or sold to the american public must be go through a testing and certification process that can cost up to $4000 per item!!

the language of the law needs to be changed to either exempt items made of natural materials (wool, wood, cotton, etc) or to require suppliers to certify materials for safety.
Thriving small businesses are crucial to the financial health of our nation. Let's amend the CPSIA so that all businesses large and small are able to comply and survive!
please show your support by voting for change at today is the last day!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


it is so nice out here. It's been in the 80's so far this week. that's the weirdest things about living in SoCal. it's technically january, but it feel like May. we went out for a walk on sunday, and it was almost hot. but i do miss winter. i miss the first couple days of snow. know what i miss the most? the passing of time. living here it is perpetual spring. nice, but odd...

anywho... since i've been signed up for Etsy's email lists i gotten a ton of blogs about shops. i don't pay much attention to most of them, unless it really catches my eye. this one REALLY caught my eye, so i thought i'd share it (plus it goes along with my ramblings above about missing the cold)....

so i ALWAYS gotta check out a shop that features Boston Terriers! and this one is beautiful!!! PLUS!! this shop is based outta Lincoln, NE and was started as a way to make something warm for their Boston to wear during the cold Nebraska winters. And if you have ever been to Nebraska between November & April you know how your snot can freeze!!!! so check out their shop and marvel at how well behaved her Boston is!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i'm just trying to get so much done these days, i loose track of time. i wanted top post some new products, but had to wait till i had some good light to take the photos, but in the mean time i got to make a few additional things.


so, i know everybody has a bunch of presents left over from x-mas that they don't want, but feel to guilty to take back. So how 'bout re-gifting them. come on... everyone does it...

Hate throwing away those expensive paper gift bags you buy at the store? Instead try wrapping your presents in one of these high quality, durable, recyclable, hand-sewn bags that is a gift in itself! This Re-Gift Bag is sized to hold either 2 DVD's or Video Games or a gift card or cash, with velcro or the flap is cut to tuck in to close the package. Plus they have an all-occasions or great Valentine's Day design; with bright colors & fun cutout silhouettes.

Monday, January 12, 2009



so if you haven't heard, i finally got my ETSY shop up and running. thanx to everyone for your kind words about how awesome i am! i'm still working hard and trying to get more items up on the site. over the weekend i got some felt sushi in the shop for sale...


so in case you happen to be obsessed by the teeny-bopper vampire romance novels like i shamefully are, i just wanted to tell you that they are nearly impossible to find!! i was looking for the 4th book in the series, Breaking Dawn, and it they were sold out of 2 of the 4 books at 3 different Boarder's Bookstores. I finally found it at Target, and on sale too! And if you haven't read them, i suggest checking them out. kinda Anne Rice meets Harry Potter. good times...