Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Goldfish Day!!!

uhhh... I guess I meant to say Earth Day, but I'm just really excited about my newest Felted Plush!!! Here he is.....

Felt Goldfish 5Felt Goldfish 2

Felt Goldfish 1Felt Goldfish 3

I needle-felted him out of white wool, then hand-dyed him with non-toxic Kool-Aid. He was boiled in a pot of Yellow Lemonade Kool-Aid, then I sprinkled Orange on top to help create the blended colors. I also felted accent colors on top to give him personality.

This little Fancy Goldfish enjoys long swims near the beach & hanging out with his Origami Lily-Pad friends. He does have a slight water allergy, which makes it hard for him to meet other Goldfish. If you are interested in giving this guy a new home please inquire at


  1. Thanx!! I'm really happy with how he turned out!!!

  2. Saw this on Flickr and fell in love! Then I saw you on Plush You! Girl I think your gold fish is fast, he gets around.
    I have been thinking of felting in white and using kool aid since I saw your crab this gold fish has just about convinced me.

  3. This is just amazing!!! You are so talented!

  4. Wow! I stumbled on to your blog this morning and am totally impressed by your talent. Your goldfish is awesome. Compliments from a fellow felter.