Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Bit Under the Weather...

Sorry I haven't posted much this week, but I think I've gotten some sort of cold-ish type sickness. It's lame cause I don't feel bad enough to call in sick to work, but just bad enough to go to bed the minute I get home. Hopefully I will be feeling better today!! Promise I will have fun & interesting posts in the next week, once I'm feeling better!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unique Los Angeles!

If you are in Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the Unique Los Angeles show this weekend!! I was going to be a vendor here, but with everything going on, I decided to ship it this year. We are going today as visitors & to spend money on awesome Handmade Goodies!! The show runs this weekend April 24th & 25th from 11am- 7pm in Down Town. Be sure to go and support your local crafters and see some excellent work!!

And tomorrow, we are going to take an awesome Sunday PCH drive! I love driving up to Mailbu at maybe stopping at Neptune's Net for lunch!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EarthDay Giveaway!!

Just wanted to let everybody know that I have been included in an awesome Earthday "Love Your Mother" Giveaway that is being hosted on the Monster Bites blog today!!! My little Eco-Friendly Globe Needle-Felting Kit is included among a short list of amazing handmade items that are featured today in celebration of Mothers & The Great Mother Earth!!!

These are just a few of the items that are included in the Giveaway Today!!! Be sure to click & enter to win!!! And Thank You to Monster Bites for thinking of me & including my Kit in their awesome post today!!!

*Items include:

FeltedChicken - Eco-Friendly Needle Felting Kit
Odelea - Earth Gift Cards
Green Eyed Monster - Reusable Tote Bag

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My New Favorite Animal!!!

So I was looking through Yahoo News to get my daily dose of useful & useless info, & came across this article about my new favorite animals!!!

The woolly mystery known as the Sheep-Pig!!!

At first I thought this was a joke (it reminded me of that South Park episode with Al Gore & the "Man-Bear-Pig"). But to my surprise & delight, it's a real animal!!!!

It's a combination of 2 of my favorite animals Sheep (cause of their wool) & Pig (because of bacon)!!!!!

OMG... So awesome.. need to felt it!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waiting for the Rain....

Figuratively & Literally!!

It's supposed to rain here in SoCal for the next couple days, but hopefully it will clear up by the time my parents get here on Friday!! I'm so excited... but... also have to clean the house :( PLUS I might be starting back on the movie job that I was working on last month again next week. Tranformers 3 here I come... maybe... again...

It's funny cause I have FINALLY caught up with my everyday life, and FINALLY started to read my back log of blogs that I've been neglecting, and FINALLY have time to work on some new sculptures...


"Here Comes the Rain Again...."

But I will share a few picts of the newest felted piece that I started a couple days ago. I'm really excited about this one because I'm making it to display at my job - Blick Art Supplies. Once it's done it will be on permanent display so if you live in the L.A. area, you can come & see it!!! (and buy some most-awesome art supplies while you're at it!!)

This is a picture of the Koi Wall piece that I took with my hand so that you could see the scale of the piece. It's definitely the LARGEST sculpture that I've ever started. He will eventually be totally airbrushed & have a wood base so that he can hang on the wall.

This is just a reminder of how BRILLIANT I am!!! I got the bright idea to use Wool Yarn for my black line work for this piece. It just takes forever to felt long lines of... well... yarn, by hand, so I thought I'd try using the real stuff!! It's going really well & fast & even the package states -

"Alpine Wool... This soft, natural 100% wool roving yarn is ideal for garments, accessories, and felting projects"

We have a winner!!!

And just a picture of how the fish is starting out! I'm pretty excited to see what I do with it!! i'm pretty sure it will be awesome by the time I finish!! HAHA!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finished Mini-Angler!!!

So I hope everybody had a great week & got your taxes done in time!! I did mine a couple weeks ago, so wasn't under the pressure of dashing to the Post Office on Thursday. HOORAY for TurboTax!!! And it wasn't sooooo bad doing my taxes even with all the business stuff included. I'm sure there was some sort of deduction that I missed, but got a killer return so I'm not complaining. I think it also helps that I've been a freelance sculptor for the past few years & have itemize deductions before, so I'm used to keeping receipts & organizing the items into their proper categorizes.

And I also wanted to share the final pictures of the Mini-Angler Fish!! He's all done, just needs to be packed up & mailed today. I darkened his eyes (which I think made him look a bit meaner!!) And got some nice photos of him yesterday! I also just started my newest felted sculpture yesterday too!! It's going to be the BIGGEST piece I have ever done!! I will hopefully have updated progress picts sometime next week!!!

Mini-Angler Felted Plush 10Mini-Angler Felted Plush 8

Mini-Angler Felted Plush 11Mini-Angler Felted Plush 2

Mini-Angler Felted Plush 1Mini-Angler Felted Plush 6

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini-Angler Done (almost)...

So here are a few pictures of the newest Felted Sculpture that I just about finished!! It was a custom order for a Mini-Angler Fish!!! I liked how he turned out! It's the first time I tried using polymer-clay for his teeth. It was fun & super easy to make them a bit more wicked-looking. I painted them to add a little shadow. He's almost done, just want to darken his eyes a little (they look kinda peek-a-boo right now). Then I want to take some nice pictures, then he is off to his new home!!!

Process Picts of Mini-Angler!!

Mini-Angler 2Mini-Angler 1

Mini-Angler 4Mini-Angler 3

Mini-Angler 10Mini-Angler 9

Mini-Angler 5Mini-Angler 7

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Weekend!!

Had an awesome (busy) weekend!! Lots of fun family time! Spent Saturday with Lance's family, great time, great food!! And my brother was in town for business Sunday. We met down at the Lakers Game. Great seats, great food!! We even got into the secret "Celebrity Bar" where all the stars go during half-time. Saw a couple celebs: George Lopez & Adrian Brody. Then we met Kobe Bryant after the game (and by-the-way... Kobe is a "hugger")

Here are a few picts from the game yesterday!

Picture of the Famous Lakers' Girls!!

Picture of some of the game action from our seats!!

Pictures of me & my Bro on the court!!

And just to remind you...

Here are some pictures of the Black Mamba Felted Sculpture that I made for Kobe Bryant!!

Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 3Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 6

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Look New Items!!

So I'm going to be playing around with the layout of my blog in the next couple days (just to warn you). I've been needing to redesign my blog & personal website for a while, but haven't had time. I like this layout (for now) but still need to tweak it!!

Also just wanted to share some new items that I am listing in my shop this morning!!

Felted Tiered Cakes w/ Cherries on Top!!!

Here are some yummy new Sweet-Felted-Treats that I have available in my Etsy shop! They are super cute & fun 2 tiered cakes with accenting frosting & a bright red cherry on to!!! Please stop by and see them in all their glory... in my shop.

Felted Cakes 2Felted Blue Cake 3

Felted White Cake 4Felted Black Cake 2

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stuff in the Works...

So I know I promised to Blog soooooo much this week & well, I'm lame and haven't thus far.


I'd thought I'd share some of the newest drawings of some pieces that I have (or will soon) start. These are all Felted Sculptures I have in the works!!

Ugly Duckling Drawing

This is a drawing for a piece that I kinda started at the Pink Parlour Festival. I was just kinda sculpting some core wool & this idea came to me!! I want to make an Ugly Duckling & use some Clear Cast Resin to form his base of "tears". Hopefully he will be super cute & slightly pathetic!!

Koi Wall Drawing

This is the concept sketch I drew for a Wall Tattoo Koi Felted piece that I want to start this week. I have a great space at work to display my work & needed to come up with a wall-mounted piece to hang. I want to make it kinda like the previous Koi Tattoo piece that I made, but also with a twist!! I want it to start flat (like a tattoo or drawing) and then have it sculpt into 3-D with the tail coming out of the wall!! I think it's a neat idea & we will see how it turns out!!

Angler Drawing

And this is the drawing that I made for a custom Mini-Angler!!! He's almost done now, just airbrushing him & need to add the teeth & colored wool accents. Hopefully I will finish him this week & have pictures for next week!!!

So the moral of the Blog-Post is....

I am actually working on stuff, but I'm also trying to focus on making some nice LARGE sculpted piece which take more time than the (re)GIFT BAGS or the small felted treats. So I will try to be better about posting... just give me a chance!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


And Happy Easter!

And Happy Passover!

And Happy April Fools Day!

And Happy... um... Spring!!

Hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with your loved ones this weekend! Take the time to reflect & appreciate the things you have in you life, not the things you want!

And just to let you know, I'm off this next week so I have plenty of times to post some awesome Bloggy-Goodness!! (and just for a preview... I will be
sharing some super-awesome Hollywood Trick-of-the-Trade tips!!!)