Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not So Hot...

Thank goodness, it's not so hot outside. It was horrible, I priced some umbrellas yesterday that we need to get for the house. We have a big nice sun deck out of the back of our bedroom (on top of the kitchen) that gets direct afternoon sun. It just bakes the bedroom wall and the roof of the kitchen. Also our house is an old town-home in West Hollywood that is built out of something like real clay stucco, so it literally bakes. So I'm going to go get a couple of porch umbrellas to help shade the house for when it gets hot out again.

It was so hot out before that my little cat wouldn't even go outside. He is an indoor cat who loves to go out and sit in the sun. Usually he goes and hangs out, soaking in the rays, but when it's really nice outside...

Little White Cat (+) Rolling in the Dirt (=) Brand New (Dirty) Grey Cat!!!!!

He really is pure white in color, so when you look at these pictures, those aren't shadows, it's dirt. Whatever... at least he's having fun!!!


I listed a new California Roll again. So if you missed it last time (literally only listed like an hour before it sold!) You have your chance to pick one up!!! Cali Rolls are my best sellers (just because I've sold more than one).

california roll 2california roll 1

Felt Sushi - California Roll - $20

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