Monday, April 20, 2009

Did I Miss Something...

Just when did it turn to Summer????? It's freaky hot here in SoCal. Like upper 90˚s. Yuck!!! I went girly shopping yesterday. I gave myself a pedicure, then walked over to the Ulta store. I got some new face soap, and hair moisturizer, and refilled my favorite shower soap.

YUMMY!!! I love these soaps! They are great because they are Shower Gel, Shampoo, Bubble Bath all-in-one!! I am super lazy, so it's the best invention ever. I can't stand to have lots of bottles in the shower. Plus they smell... AWESOME!!!


Now for a little day job rant. In case you didn't know, I actually have a very cool day job (when there is work). I sculpt props & sets for movies. In the last year work in the movie industry has pretty much dried up. SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) has been threatening to strike for almost a year. So the big Production Companies have been reluctant to start any big features. Yesterday Sag sent out an updated contract, so hopefully they will sign & work can start up again.

IN ADDITION TO SAG - The economy sucks. I've heard that the Production Companies are also reluctant to make Big-Budget films (the only kind I would work on) because they fear they won't get their money back in the theaters. Even my boyfriend, who works pretty regularly on movies, sees how slow it is. He is stuck working on the rebuild of Universal Studios.

AND!!!! - Why do we have to outsource EVERYTHING!!! My boyfriend said that one of the only bigger productions that people left to work on (basically the only movie in production in Los Angeles) is getting cancelled because they are moving 75% to Out-Of-Country. ARGGGGG!!!!! This annoys me because they are outsourcing our jobs, most likely to save money, then sell the movie back to us, but do they pass those savings along at the theater?!?!?!?! NO! Tickets are still $12 here!!!!

Sorry about that... Thanx.


On a happier note, I've been sculpting some new wool critters recently. I have one that's almost done, but here is the first Sculpted Critter I've made in a long time. I sculpted him out of White Wool, then dyed the darker purple with Kool-Aid, then added some fun lighter colors as accents.

Needle-Felted Octopus 3Needle-Felted Octopus 4

Needle-Felted Octopus 5Needle-Felted Octopus 2

He'll be for sale in my shop later today. I also have listed some new sushi sets as well. My new critter will probably be ready to show on Wednesday!!!!

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  1. Wow great work! Have you joined cuteable's flickr group? Cuteable is a great blog with lots of followers. I bet she would love your work.
    I hope the new SAG contract helps with work. You would think with an actor running California the movie business would be a little stronger. :(