Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Philosophical Today...

As a self-proclaimed Political and News Junkie, the chaos in the news is almost too much for me to handle right now. There is so much going on right now: flu epidemic, economic crisis, record unemployment, companies going out of business, war, pirates (yea that one's a throw back), "enhanced interrogation", shootings, suicides, obesity, global warming, N. Korea.... ARRRRG!

Will we look back and say "remember those days, they were rough"? These are tough times, things might get worse, but as of right now, I could look back and think "That wasn't SO bad". Hopefully this is the worst of the worst. We all learn and change during times of crisis, so maybe it's all for the better.

We can all do our little part to help settle the chaos. I decided to look up "Flu Prevention" this morning, because I live in a state that has declared a State of Emergency because of it. Hey, the last thing I need right now is to have anyone I know get Swine Flu. So according to the official CDC (Center for Disease Control) website, you can take these easy steps to help stay happy & healthy.
(it's pretty much common sense, but I'll just remind you!)

•Avoid close contact (I avoid people whenever possible) - √+

•Stay home when you are sick (easy since I don't have a job) - √+

•Cover mouth & nose when you cough or sneeze (duh) - √+

•Wash your hands (it does counts if you use hand sanitizer) - √+

•Avoid touching your nose, eyes, & mouth (yuck, germs) -

•Practice good habits (sleep, eat right, control stress, etc.) - √-

Maybe I'll share some more Chaos-Reducing tips soon. I have some things that I try & do to make my Etsy shop a little bit Greener.


On a more fun & less Apocalyptic note, I have some new Needle-Felted Creations that I will be finishing & unveiling in the next couple days!!! Here is a sneak preview:


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