Friday, July 30, 2010

It's a Good Day at Work....

When a couple of the creative director guys at Disney call you sculpted work "Bad-Ass"!! I've sculpted on quite a few of the Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Disney Tokyo, etc. rides in my career. But this was the first time that anyone actually said what I made was "bad-ass". Sculpting is what I do, it's not really a big deal. I like working on the theme-park rides cause then I know that my sculpted work is seen by millions of people every year. I don't get any name recognition, but I've always said that I "wanted to make art that my Grandma could enjoy." Well, now tons of kids & families get to see my art. It's hard, sweaty work.... but somebody has to do it!!

Movie recommendation...

So we've watched a few really good documentaries in the past couple weeks, but I want to recommend one that I've been thinking about.

It's called "Confessions of a Superhero". It's an awesome documentary that follows 4 of the costumed actors that work the "Hollywood & Highland" area. They work outside the Grauman's Theater & take pictures with tourists. They are all aspiring actors that are making their way through life. It tells of the 4 character's background & what they do in their everyday lives. I just like how it shows these iconic Hollywood attractions' real-life alter-egos. Their stories are awkward, sad, inspiring, weird, etc.

It's very cool & I totally recommend it if you have an evening!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Picts from Renegade!!

So here are a few picts from the L.A. Renegade Show. It was a blast & I'm still recovering from the weekend. I pretty much slept from when I got home from work till this morning last night! I was sooooo tired!!

I think one of the funnest things that people tell me at shows is (and it's usually fellow felters!!!), people comment on how nice the shading is on my work. They ask me how I get such nice gradations & shadows & when I tell them I use the airbrush they usually go "Oh...." and look super disappointed.

I know I've never been a traditional "felter". I find easy & cheap-trick ways to make creating my sculptures faster & better looking. I think my fellow felters feel cheated by how I use the airbrush to do shading. The way I look at is that I'm creating sculptures and part of creating those sculptures is the process of painting them. If I were sculpting sculpey sculptures, they need to be painted... If I were creating ceramic pieces, they would need to be glazed.... I don't feel bad about using any technique to get the look I want. I've got almost 10 years working as a prop maker & sculptor & 5 of those was almost exclusively creating work for Disney. Disney has a VERY specific aesthetic they follow & I enjoy the clean, graphic, animation inspired look to my sculptures. There is NO WAY to create that using traditional felting techniques.

Wool is just a medium for me to express my ideas in a sculptural form, not to be confined & limited by.

Monday, July 26, 2010

So Sorry....

So I know I haven't posted much recently, that's because we've had some tragic family concerns. We lost a VERY loved & (will be) VERY missed member of our family. If you happen to be a friend or family member I just want to Thank You for all the love & support that you have given Lance & I. It only gets easier with time....

So because of the family stuff going on I have been lacking in inspiration with my art work & with my blog. Time heals, and this past weekend I was a vendor at the L.A. Renegade Show. I did WAY WAY WAY better than I was expecting, so if you are a new friend that I met yesterday or an old friend that maybe has been missing me...


Super motivated & excited about making some awesome piece after this past weekend. So, starting tomorrow I promise to start working & posting stuff more!! Will have a few picts from my booth tomorrow!!!


Chrissy P.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Pink Predator....

So he's all done! I took him to work yesterday & took lots of photos. One awesome thing about making theme-park rides for a living is that there is all sorts of neat places to take photos. The "rocky" backgrounds are actually samples for a new Disneyland ride. And there were lots of cool industrial backgrounds.


Here he is!! And be sure to click on the photo cause it will take you to the KidRobot page to see all the entries. There are some pretty awesome ones! And be sure to "LIKE" mine!!!