Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini-Angler Done (almost)...

So here are a few pictures of the newest Felted Sculpture that I just about finished!! It was a custom order for a Mini-Angler Fish!!! I liked how he turned out! It's the first time I tried using polymer-clay for his teeth. It was fun & super easy to make them a bit more wicked-looking. I painted them to add a little shadow. He's almost done, just want to darken his eyes a little (they look kinda peek-a-boo right now). Then I want to take some nice pictures, then he is off to his new home!!!

Process Picts of Mini-Angler!!

Mini-Angler 2Mini-Angler 1

Mini-Angler 4Mini-Angler 3

Mini-Angler 10Mini-Angler 9

Mini-Angler 5Mini-Angler 7


  1. Just got it for my birthday yesterday! Its amazing, I love it. Phil is the best.

    Thanks a million-