Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Weekend!!

Had an awesome (busy) weekend!! Lots of fun family time! Spent Saturday with Lance's family, great time, great food!! And my brother was in town for business Sunday. We met down at the Lakers Game. Great seats, great food!! We even got into the secret "Celebrity Bar" where all the stars go during half-time. Saw a couple celebs: George Lopez & Adrian Brody. Then we met Kobe Bryant after the game (and by-the-way... Kobe is a "hugger")

Here are a few picts from the game yesterday!

Picture of the Famous Lakers' Girls!!

Picture of some of the game action from our seats!!

Pictures of me & my Bro on the court!!

And just to remind you...

Here are some pictures of the Black Mamba Felted Sculpture that I made for Kobe Bryant!!

Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 3Black Mamba Felted Sculpture 6


  1. So cool! This Laker fan is jealous!

  2. HAHA!!! I guess I am SUPER thankful & lucky to get to do the fun, awesome stuff that I do.

    I'm really not that cool, just lucky to be surrounded by people that are!!! I'm just a giant geek that would rather sit at home felting & watching old X-Files!!! HAHA!!

  3. Hey sis, had a great time! Thanks for coming along with me!