Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finished Mini-Angler!!!

So I hope everybody had a great week & got your taxes done in time!! I did mine a couple weeks ago, so wasn't under the pressure of dashing to the Post Office on Thursday. HOORAY for TurboTax!!! And it wasn't sooooo bad doing my taxes even with all the business stuff included. I'm sure there was some sort of deduction that I missed, but got a killer return so I'm not complaining. I think it also helps that I've been a freelance sculptor for the past few years & have itemize deductions before, so I'm used to keeping receipts & organizing the items into their proper categorizes.

And I also wanted to share the final pictures of the Mini-Angler Fish!! He's all done, just needs to be packed up & mailed today. I darkened his eyes (which I think made him look a bit meaner!!) And got some nice photos of him yesterday! I also just started my newest felted sculpture yesterday too!! It's going to be the BIGGEST piece I have ever done!! I will hopefully have updated progress picts sometime next week!!!

Mini-Angler Felted Plush 10Mini-Angler Felted Plush 8

Mini-Angler Felted Plush 11Mini-Angler Felted Plush 2

Mini-Angler Felted Plush 1Mini-Angler Felted Plush 6


  1. Wow, great detailing and accurately spooky .

  2. Thanks guys!! I'm really happy with how he turned out!! I need to make more BIG sculptures, I love working on complex pieces & have spent too much time lately making little stuff!!