Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waiting for the Rain....

Figuratively & Literally!!

It's supposed to rain here in SoCal for the next couple days, but hopefully it will clear up by the time my parents get here on Friday!! I'm so excited... but... also have to clean the house :( PLUS I might be starting back on the movie job that I was working on last month again next week. Tranformers 3 here I come... maybe... again...

It's funny cause I have FINALLY caught up with my everyday life, and FINALLY started to read my back log of blogs that I've been neglecting, and FINALLY have time to work on some new sculptures...


"Here Comes the Rain Again...."

But I will share a few picts of the newest felted piece that I started a couple days ago. I'm really excited about this one because I'm making it to display at my job - Blick Art Supplies. Once it's done it will be on permanent display so if you live in the L.A. area, you can come & see it!!! (and buy some most-awesome art supplies while you're at it!!)

This is a picture of the Koi Wall piece that I took with my hand so that you could see the scale of the piece. It's definitely the LARGEST sculpture that I've ever started. He will eventually be totally airbrushed & have a wood base so that he can hang on the wall.

This is just a reminder of how BRILLIANT I am!!! I got the bright idea to use Wool Yarn for my black line work for this piece. It just takes forever to felt long lines of... well... yarn, by hand, so I thought I'd try using the real stuff!! It's going really well & fast & even the package states -

"Alpine Wool... This soft, natural 100% wool roving yarn is ideal for garments, accessories, and felting projects"

We have a winner!!!

And just a picture of how the fish is starting out! I'm pretty excited to see what I do with it!! i'm pretty sure it will be awesome by the time I finish!! HAHA!!


  1. BTW - This post was not meant to be so EGO centered. I just reread the post & noticed that I tooting my own horn... which is slightly unusual for me. I think I'm just feeling quite Jazzed tonight & excited about the Koi!!!

  2. Looks like a great start Chrissy! You should toot your own horn. You very innovative and I love your work. On the weather thing, we got snow today! It didn't stick. But there was definitely white fluffy stuff falling. It's hard to believe it's the middle of April. It's usually in the high 70's, low 80's.

  3. I meant You're very....
    I really should proof read before I post.

  4. It always makes me feel a bit "high" when I experiment with a new idea that actually works....so toot away and enjoy your visit with your folks . The only time I actually clean is when we have "Apartment inspections" ,so some times it's good to have those external motivators to help prod me to get the felting needle out of my hands for a few hours : )

  5. Nice job!! Hope the rain clears up for you. We live in So. Cal too and had our share today!