Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My New Favorite Animal!!!

So I was looking through Yahoo News to get my daily dose of useful & useless info, & came across this article about my new favorite animals!!!

The woolly mystery known as the Sheep-Pig!!!

At first I thought this was a joke (it reminded me of that South Park episode with Al Gore & the "Man-Bear-Pig"). But to my surprise & delight, it's a real animal!!!!

It's a combination of 2 of my favorite animals Sheep (cause of their wool) & Pig (because of bacon)!!!!!

OMG... So awesome.. need to felt it!!!


  1. How could you possibly improve on such an awesome, smart, delicious animal, right?!?! Gotta track down some of their wool!!

  2. Lack of fur was one of the things I had against I want me some furry pigs ....are these "frankin critters"... genetically manipulated and if so can we start making more furry people because we share so many genes with pigs ? I would reconsider having children if I could be gauranteed they would be furry .