Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stuff in the Works...

So I know I promised to Blog soooooo much this week & well, I'm lame and haven't thus far.


I'd thought I'd share some of the newest drawings of some pieces that I have (or will soon) start. These are all Felted Sculptures I have in the works!!

Ugly Duckling Drawing

This is a drawing for a piece that I kinda started at the Pink Parlour Festival. I was just kinda sculpting some core wool & this idea came to me!! I want to make an Ugly Duckling & use some Clear Cast Resin to form his base of "tears". Hopefully he will be super cute & slightly pathetic!!

Koi Wall Drawing

This is the concept sketch I drew for a Wall Tattoo Koi Felted piece that I want to start this week. I have a great space at work to display my work & needed to come up with a wall-mounted piece to hang. I want to make it kinda like the previous Koi Tattoo piece that I made, but also with a twist!! I want it to start flat (like a tattoo or drawing) and then have it sculpt into 3-D with the tail coming out of the wall!! I think it's a neat idea & we will see how it turns out!!

Angler Drawing

And this is the drawing that I made for a custom Mini-Angler!!! He's almost done now, just airbrushing him & need to add the teeth & colored wool accents. Hopefully I will finish him this week & have pictures for next week!!!

So the moral of the Blog-Post is....

I am actually working on stuff, but I'm also trying to focus on making some nice LARGE sculpted piece which take more time than the (re)GIFT BAGS or the small felted treats. So I will try to be better about posting... just give me a chance!!!


  1. I love these sketches! Can't wait to see what you will do with them!

  2. Cool! Love the sketches; can't wait to see them in 3-d! I always like seeing what you're up to.