Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm back......

So my vacation was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun, although Lance did say that he likes Nebraska better than Dallas! I think it's that he had so much fun running around on my Aunt's farm with the animals & quiet country-type living for a day. We ate WAY too much, drank WAY too much, and it went by WAY too fast.

So today... back to work! I have another custom order, plus want to make a present for Lance's cousin's birthday. Day-Job is officially over, great to get some money saved up...


Didn't get into that craft show I wanted. BOOO!!! Kinda bummed about it, took a big hit on my motivation (and self esteem). But it is what it is, right? Maybe that just means that there will be more Day-Job work coming up & it would have interfered with crafty work. So I guess I gotta get back into blogging everyday. Right now it seems like a daunting task, but I promise that I will get back into it! I guess I gotta get working on new stuff so I have something to write about!

Here are a couple of my most favorite picts from my weekend!

Picture of my beautiful family! We got to go out to breakfast at my favorite restaurant in Omaha, Summer Kitchen!! They have the best cookies in town!

A picture of me and my brother. I still don't know if we look that much like each other.

Me and my man. He is way more good looking than me!! And look! He's almost smiling in this picture!!

Lance and my mom trying to warm up by the bonfire. The Halloween party was awesome! It was soooooo cold that night, like in the 30's, so we mainly stuck to the fire-side. My uncles and his sons made a Haunted House in the barn & a Haunted Hay-Rack Ride in the pasture. We roasted s'mores & hotdogs over the fire, and got to see like a million stars! It was an awesome night!

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