Thursday, October 22, 2009

At A Snail's Pace

So I've been getting back into things real slow... Need motivation. I finished the custom order yesterday & thought it was so cute that I made an extra for Lance's cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday (that was alot of - 's).

It's a variation of my CupCake bag with Sprinkles!! Pretty cute, especially for little girls.

Didn't get much else done yesterday, except some errands & video games. Did make some Chili last night for dinner cause I miss Fall. My mom used to make Chili the first cold night of the season. It is like 80˚ here in Southern California, but hey, I can imagine it!

Gotta come up with a cool idea to make next. Maybe something awesome to help pad-up my portfolio for applying to Grad School. Applications are due sometime in December, so gotta a couple of months to get a few things made. I'll keep you updated, hopefully an amazing awe-inspiring idea will pop into my head today & I'll get working!!!

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