Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I feel like a slug...

So I usually try and start the day off really motivated... but... by like lunch time, I've lost my groove. But I do have a couple of things here that should get me moving. I've almost finished a new sculpture!

I also went to the HardWare store this weekend and just walked around looking for odds & ends that might inspire something. It's great fun & I totally recommend it if you have a free hour or so. It was my local HardWare store, very small, but I need to try it at Home Depot or something. You can find the craziest stuff just walking the aisles. I've started some ideas with a "Metal vs. Felt" type idea. Trying to incorporate big moving metal things into my felted sculptures. Kinda fun, different.

I also got a huge shipment on electronic parts that I ordered last week!!!! I'm excited cause now I have a basic electronics kit going (except I forgot to order resistors, so need to go to RadioShack today). So hopefully I get to play with helping get my sculptures moving!!! Yea!!! So in theory I have some stuff to light those flames under my butt, yet again.

I will post pictures of my newest felted sculpture (hopefully tomorrow)!

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