Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So this weekend's Halloween!! Have any super-scary plans? We are going to a party tomorrow night, should be fun! I'm not the dress-up kinda gal, but do enjoy seeing other people's creative ideas. We've been watching some Scary / Horror movies this week, to get into the spirit of the holiday. We also want to see a couple movies in the theaters ZombieLand & Paranormal Activity.
Maybe Sunday!

So in the spirit of the weekend, here is a short list of some fun-super horrific movies we've watched recently on DVD....

An oldie, but goody!!! We watched this the other night, and as over-exposed as it's become, it still rocks!! I haven't seen it in years, and thought it would be pretty dumb, but it's still a great movie!!! Go back & watch it, again!!!

Just came out on DVD. This one's based on a classic Anime movie. It's not a great movie, but is a fun flick, with a couple awesome fight scenes. Vampires, blood, martial arts... Can't get any better!!! Plus it's in English, so no reading!! Not scary, but vampires count!

So this one isn't scary either, but incredibly gory. Tons of crazy blood shooting everywhere, so much decapitation, a chick who gets her arm cut off and gets a machine gun replacement. AWESOME & FUNNY!

**NOTICE: this movie is super, crazy, amazingly bloody. It's all stylized & not real what-so-ever, but if you aren't into gore & senseless violence, this movie is not for you. Also, it's sub-titled, so gotta read & watch.

And finally.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this movie. It's an amazing Swedish movie that is terrifying. It's beautiful & disturbing. There is some blood, but it's not really the focus. It is also sub-titled, but if I remember right, there isn't a whole lot of dialog, so it's okay. The fact that the story revolves around children, makes it that much scarier. PLEASE SEE THIS ONE!!!!


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