Wednesday, January 14, 2009


it is so nice out here. It's been in the 80's so far this week. that's the weirdest things about living in SoCal. it's technically january, but it feel like May. we went out for a walk on sunday, and it was almost hot. but i do miss winter. i miss the first couple days of snow. know what i miss the most? the passing of time. living here it is perpetual spring. nice, but odd...

anywho... since i've been signed up for Etsy's email lists i gotten a ton of blogs about shops. i don't pay much attention to most of them, unless it really catches my eye. this one REALLY caught my eye, so i thought i'd share it (plus it goes along with my ramblings above about missing the cold)....

so i ALWAYS gotta check out a shop that features Boston Terriers! and this one is beautiful!!! PLUS!! this shop is based outta Lincoln, NE and was started as a way to make something warm for their Boston to wear during the cold Nebraska winters. And if you have ever been to Nebraska between November & April you know how your snot can freeze!!!! so check out their shop and marvel at how well behaved her Boston is!!!

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