Tuesday, January 27, 2009


that's really not exciting at all, but I feel the need to psych myself up for it. Lance is going back to work tomorrow, sad, but we need the money, and hopefully that will get me into working more & maybe at night now too. HECK, if I don't end up selling anything more on Etsy, everybody's gonna get super awesome birthday, x-mas, 4th of July, etc presents!!

I think he is pretty cool, although there seems to be something... can't put my finger on it... but something, it's just not there yet. But it is on my Etsy shop, and if he doesn't sell for a while, I'll go back and rework him. That's the great thing about selling online, if it doesn't sell, just redo it!!


I'm highlighting a shop today that I think is super cute, but also helps advance a great cause. ThreeRedTrees is an Etsy shop that is based out of Kansas City who's "mission is to raise awareness and funds for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, a wonderful, no-kill animal shelter". So YEA!! to helping puppies find homes!! The animals are made out of socks!!


  1. I've always been impressed with felting...

  2. Thanx!! If you have a chance, you rshould try it out!!