Friday, January 30, 2009


I know, I know you're just getting sick of me posting picts of new stuff.... well get over it!! I'm just posting a couple of picts of a new line that I've started to go along with my Sushi sets. These are MEGA SIZED Sushi pieces. Use 'em for pin cushions, paper weights, table centerpieces, whatever you think!! They are available on my shop for only $12!!!!

megatuna 4megashrimp 3megasushi5

The roll pieces are about 3" in diameter and the shrimp is about 6" long. SUPER-SIZED!! Click on the picture & it'll take you right to my shop!


So saw another awesome movie this week. It a horror / ghost thriller. I figured it was going to be more like American horrors which seem to be centered around how much shock & gore they can cram into an hour and a half. Well this one is just really well written & creepy & frightening!!

THE ORPHANAGE - Guillermo del Toro

It is produced by del Toro, the guy that made "Pan's Labrynth" and "Hell Boy II". I think this is a great scarey movie for everybody, no blood really, just creepy kid ghosts!!


It's a Spanish movie so it has english subtitles, but if that's not a huge factor for you, then definitely check it out!!!


  1. Pans Labyrinth gave me nightmares for a week!

  2. yea... it wasn't the fun Muppet type fantasy movie I thought it was gonna be either!! But it was still freak'n cool!!

    And this one will probably get to ya too!!!!!!