Wednesday, January 21, 2009


this time i'm gonna be smart about it, cause i finished a whole lotta work in the last couple days, but instead of posting it all in one day, i'm gonna stretch it out over lots of days, that way it seems like i'm making stuff everyday, but really i'm pushing back the deadline!!! oopss.... i probably shoouldn't have told you, so that way you can think that i'm working super hard everyday & am being super productive!!!


i've made a bunch of new (re)GIFT BAGS in the last couple days. i came up with some new designs, you'll have to wait on those, but these are some that i have in my ETSY shop.

here are some bubble looking gift card holders, or wallets, or pouches, or whatever you'd like to call them. i think the yellow one looks kinda like cheese! Just specify which one you want when you order one (in your message to seller). they are $4.00 each!

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