Thursday, January 22, 2009


a rainy day is a very big deal for me, and since it is rainy here in hollywood like maybe 5 days out of the whole year, i get pretty excited. you wouldn't think sunny, 85 degree days would be something to complain about, but trust me, i do miss the no-excuse-needed reason to just sit on the couch & watch movies all day. "SAVE IT FOR A RAINY DAY" doesn't apply in california.

NEW WORK!!! yea! here's some more new work.... it's gonna get old looking at all the awesome new stuff that i'm making, but you'll just have to endure it!!

felt sushi - SUSHI COMBO #1

here's a new sushi piece that i finished yesterday. i like it alot, there are 4 pieces of Nigiri sushi: tuna, egg, shrimp, & salmon roe. There is also 4 pieces of a tuna roll, plus some fake green felt grass. i like making sushi, cause i love to eat it. plus it's fun to take something that can seem kinda gross, but make it cute and fluffy!

so go check out my Etsy page FeltedChicken !


so my dad's always asking if i've seen any good movies, well i saw one last night. it's not a really a "good movie", but it was definitely ALOT WHOLE LOT BETTER than i honestly thought it would be....

i thought it was gonna be a silly, dumb, no thought movie, but it was surprisingly well written. the story was pretty good, not what i thought it was, & it had it's super funny parts. And if nothing else you have to watch it to see Tom Cruise curse & dance to a funny, raunchy hip-hop song.

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