Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!! Plus Drawings!

(not-so-but-was-supposed-to-be) Quick Sunday Post:

Started my day-job yesterday, it was fine, work is work. I was nervous cause of the awkward first-day thing: introductions, eating lunch by yourself, feeling dumb cause you don't know how anything works.... But it went really well. We were busy & I was impressed that I could pretty much help all the customers w/o help (occasionally having to ask if we had something or where it was). But overall pretty good!!!

And here are a couple of drawings for my next sculptures!!! I'm gluing the boxes together for my Frog & Koi & should finish them today!! But already looking forward to bigger & better projects!!

I've been wanting to make a Pink Elephant for a while now. And I really want to make something CUTE!!! I've been working on more realistic type felted pieces, but want to take inspiration from some of my fellow Needle-Felters (Kit Lane, feltmeupdesigns, paintgranny) who make really amazing, clean, fun, stylized characters. So I want to make my Pink Elephant super cool, plus I want him to twirl in a drunken spin. Going to try to do an electronic motor on this one!!

And this one was my Boyfriend's idea!! I think it will be really cool! Want to make a tattoo-style Asian Dragon with a snake like body that undulates up & down all snake-like. Want to make him BIG, and since I made the Black Mamba, I think I can pull this one off pretty easy; basically a giant snake w/ hinged legs & a bearded horse-face. No problem!!

Today is me & my BF's unofficial 2 year anniversary, nothing planned, not really into celebrating holidays... except Christmas of course!!

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