Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've been a bad Blogger...

Sorry for my lack of posts this week. Work & life & Crafting can be overwhelming. Still trying to find that balance. It's making me feel a bit anti-computer. Will try harder in the future!!


Yea!! Today is my man's B-Day. Letting him sleep in, then we will be going to dinner at Sizzlers!! I love Sizzlers!! They have a great salad bar & are budget friendly!! Can't wait!

Still Listing New Items in my Etsy Shop!!!

Be sure to stop by to see all the fun & (slightly) Girly items that I've be listing!

Pink Parlour is only 2 weeks away!!

Still have alot to do, but it's nothing compared to my first show. And of course I am scheduled to work 40 hours next week. Been doing about 30 which gives me 3 days off to work on crafty stuff, but of course I get scheduled for more the weeks before my next show... Just my luck...

Be sure to come by if you are in the Los Angeles Area to help support your fellow hand-makers!!

Hope everybody has (or had) a great weekend!!!


  1. Good luck with the show and finding a balance. Its a challenge I haven't been able to meet myself because I have no will power to stop felting long enough to do the businessy stuff I hate .

  2. Happy Birthday, Lance!
    I hope your show does great!

  3. Thanx guys!! I did get alot done today before work. I do technically have like 2 jobs, so it's a lot of work!!

    We had a great day yesterday, did absolutely NOTHING!! That was the first day in soooo long that I didn't have a To-Do List or work on felting AT ALL!!! It was so much fun & very refreshing!

  4. I feel your pain on the Bad Blogging/Anti Computer thing. I've been overwhelmed by the techno side of my work lately, too. I hates it, some days. I love creating, I HATE photographing the stuff then listing it...and then blogging about it, tweeting, etc. etc. etc.