Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snakes & Cupcakes are No Joke

Today's post is full of in-process PICTURES!!! YEA!!! So to start it off here are a couple of pictures to prove that I am super serious about CupCakes!!! Here are a couple of working photos of the new slew of Cupcakes & Cherries that I'm finishing up!

New Cupcakes Process

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And also included in this Picture Post today is a series of Photos that show the Airbrush Painting process from my newest Felted Sculpture!! It's a custom piece that I did for my brother (actually it's the first "celebrity" piece I've done, and hopefully will have picts of said celebrity and the snake in a couple days!) He's a Black Mamba Snake!!! Very cool, the snake is kinda boring, but had fun doing all the shading & painting!!

Process of Painting Snake 1Process of Painting Snake 2

Here is the snake all plain & white needle-felted Romney Wool. 99% of all the sculpting was done before I started to paint him. So, got the airbrush out & mixed the watery acrylics & was ready to go!

Process of Painting Snake 4Process of Painting Snake 3

Started with a yellowish base color all over the snake. Wanted to have the under color to be warm instead of white.

Process of Painting Snake 6Process of Painting Snake 5

Dark brown was next. This is the start of the dark shading & super dark body color on the top. You can see how I started to shade the top scales while trying to leave the lighter space in between.

Process of Painting Snake 7Process of Painting Snake 8

BLACK BLACK!! Yea, He's starting to come to life!! This is the first of many, many layers of Black color for the body & even more shading.

Process of Painting Snake 9Process of Painting Snake 10

After many layers of black, he's almost done!! I like how his scales turned out with the lighter lines between the diamond shapes. I was trying to make him pretty realistic (well, a little general, but has all the details. I've been trying really hard to work on adding uber detail cause many of my favorite felting artists are those that make tiny super fine detailed sculptures! So Jealous!)

Process of Painting Snake 12Process of Painting Snake 11

So here he is!! Added a few details on his face to help make it pop. He turned out pretty cool, wish the subject was a bit more colorful, but hey, this is what the Black Mamba looks like, so whatcha gonna do?

Process of Painting Snake 13

This is his done & shaded under belly!! Like the ridges!

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  1. This snake is amazing. You have inspired me. Thank you so much!

  2. Your cupcakes are soo cute.. love the cherry on top! ;)

  3. Your snake looks awesome . I'm going to have to try the acrylics one of these days . I tried perminant marker on a nose once and it turned it hard and crusty....(in a good way, since noses can be hard and crusty)but what does the paint feel like after it dries and have you ever tried fabric paints, like the kind you have to iron ? (I thought I could throw the wool in the oven to set the paint since wool is fire resistant but would be my luck to start a fire....ooops . )

    Love your experiments !

  4. HAHA krex!! I did try some of the Fabric Paints that you can either steam-set or stick in the oven. I've tried both (and no, the oven did not catch on fire but I did keep an eye on it). I'm not sure it I did it right, cause the dye still bled. I was using the nice Pro Chem paints that you have to apply at a certain temperature (which I didn't) and got bored sitting around with a steamer. That's why I keep going with the acrylics.

    So as to the texture of the paint on the wool... well... it really depends on how much paint you put on. I've done too much paint & it does get alittle crunchy, but usually I try to stick with the light shading (by dying the piece a base color first), so you can't really tell the difference in texture. I'm not that interested in cuddability, just the look, so crustiness doesn't bother me.

  5. I thought the title of the post was trying to say that a snake was going through your cupcakes. lol