Monday, October 3, 2011

MIssing Hawaii... already!

Last month, my husband & I took a trip with his family to the Big Island,  Hawaii.  It was my first time there (his 10th or something) and I think I have found my place in this world.  There is something magical about being surrounded by so much beauty & the spirit of "Aloha".  It's a place that EVERYBODY has to visit at some point in their lives.  We didn't go to Honolulu or any place that touristy, but Hilo, more of the local, real Hawaii.  I used to dream about visiting this unbelievable place, but NOW it's my dream to move there & make art!  What a place to live & be inspired everyday!

ahhh... someday...

My talented husband took so many beautiful photos while we were in Hawaii. 

Oh, Yea, that's LAVA, baby!!
Totally took a helicopter ride over the Volcano! No doors, you could feel the heat!

These turtles were just spending a lazy day sun-bathing on the sand!  We went snorkeling at this black sand beach, and was so awesome to swim with them! Surreal!

My totally awesome camera ROCKED!  Underwater feature was so worth the $


  1. Great pics! I've never been to Hawaii. But have always wanted to go. I hope your dream becomes reality.