Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY - Wire Bending Jig!

So I bought some awesome thick 1/2" armature wire a while ago for a project that I'm finishing up.  What I didn't realize was how incredibly difficult it is to cut & bend.

Instead of investing in one of these traditional wire bending gadget-jig-things, which I don't even think would work....

I decided to use what I got around the house! 

Used a couple C-Clamps & a scrap of wood.
Clamped it to my work "bench", which is really
just an Ikea shelf outside. 
Before I unclamped it, I just bent the wire up!

This was another "wire bender jig" I used.
The iron bars that are on the outside of my windows!!

So the moral of this experiment is...

You don't need no stink'n fancy tools to get the job done!!  Just look around the house & you are bound to find exactly what you need!

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