Monday, June 7, 2010

What a Week!!

So last week was pretty awesome (hence the reason there was no posting). Last Wednesday was my 30th Birthday!! Lance & I went on a vacation... VEGAS BABY!! I love Las Vegas!! We did spend quite alot on the Penny Slots, but I also just love walking around the strip. We spent a good 9-10 hours each day just walking. I love stopping in the casinos & walking around the malls. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun just looking & watching people. Here are some picts from out super fun trip!!

A beautiful picture that Lance took of the fountains at the Bellagio. This is probably one of favorite things in Vegas! It makes me so happy!!

The typical "Party" shot that needs to be taken in Vegas. I have to admit that I didn't get drunk AT ALL!!! We were to full of food & RockStar Energy Drinks to drink much. But felt the need to have the shot!

Lance's first trip to Hoover Dam. It's really beautiful there, but also DAM hot!! It's a nice day-trip if you have the time. About 45 minutes from Vegas.

They are building a giant bridge across the valley of the dam. It's so huge! This picture looks like I'm standing in front of some sort of fake, printed backdrop!

And a decent picture of me! We were at our traditional breakfast at Terrible's Casino. It's the kind of place that has like $5 steak & eggs breakfast. Needed coffee cause it's amazing how you can be hanging out in Vegas & the next thing you know, it's like 3 am. So crazy!!

I love Vegas & miss you already!!!

And I have some drawings to share tomorrow!! I have been working, just needed a break. Have to finally finish the Sparrow today & then working on a fun little project!!

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