Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost Done!!

Here is the completed picts for the felting part of the Sparrow Sculpture. Just finished all the sculpting, and just need to finish the wood base so it can hang. Should finish it tomorrow... and have finished picts!!!

Sparrow Process 16

All the felting done!! Line work is fun, but takes a little time.

Sparrow Process 17

Detail of finished felting.

Sparrow Process18

Time to put it all together! Just cut a small hole to allow the armature wire to slip through the felt to the back.

Sparrow Process19

Felting the wings on!

Sparrow Process 20

All done & ready for it's wood base. Just laid it on the wood....

Sparrow Process 21

And traced around the outside. I like this look cause it will be like a bold black outline around the whole thing. And gives me a way to hang it!

Sparrow Process 22

Outline ready to cut out. It was too late tonight to jigsaw the wood (little kids living next door) but will cut it out first thing in the morning!

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!
Be safe & eat lots of BBQ!!!! Yea Summer!!


  1. I just adore your sculptural felt pieces. Your process and results are really unlike any that I've ever come across as a feltmaker... it is quite fascinating and so interesting. Thank you for sharing :)