Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This post is for my little niece who is turning 1 year old today!!!!! YEA!!!! I sent her a birthday present a couple of days ago, she should have gotten it, BUT I made her a crappy present. I wanted to make her a cupcake bag for her birthday, so I designed one & made it in one day. Well since then I altered the pattern & now it looks alot better.

So sorry Ady, you got the crappy Prototype cupcake, but I made this new one for you & I'll be sending it later this week, so just forget the old one & wait for the new one!!! I'm gonna have some of these bags in my shop soon!!

Here is another present that I just finished this week. I made these for my 2 Great Aunts by commission of my Grandma. Not my typical thing, but I think they are cute & very sweet.

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