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Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Morning!!!

Hope everybody had a great weekend! I got alot done this weekend, work-wise, but still need to take pictures, so I'm a big-fat-liar about posting picts of the JellFish. He's sitting here on my kitchen table staring at me... almost done... I think.... maybe just a little bit more work... So hopefully I will take picts of him today, or finish him & have picts tomorrow.

But in the mean time I thought I'd do one of the BlogCarnivals that the Etsy team I'm apart of loves to do. They are fun cause the topics are interesting & force me to share more personal information about myself, instead of just the regular old crafty stuff that I usually stick to. So today's topic is...

"Your favorite food. What is it and why? If it's something you make please share the recipe."

My favorite food has pretty much always been Biscuits. Yep, like the yummy buttermilk kind you get at KFC. They melt in your mouth kinda like peanut butter.


In the last year I have a new favorite...


Do you like sushi?
Do you like salty meat like bacon?

Then PLEASE PLEASE search out your nearest Hawaiian BBQ restaurant and order up some Spam Musubi.


I crave this stuff now. It's soooo delicious. I really need to get on top of buying myself a rice cooker & learn how to make this at home. The key to making some good sushi is the rice. So if you ever want to try your hand at it, be sure that you only buy "CalRose Rice" It's the one with the red rose on the package, it's Japanese Sticky Rice. You can also use it to make yummy food filled rice balls. This little tip from the lips of my boyfriend's Hawaiian Grandmother. She made spam musubi a couple weekends ago, and we ate all the left overs the next day.

This is also a great Baby-Step for those of you that are kinda scared of taking the jump into traditional sushi. The spam is cooked & there isn't that much seaweed. And if you are one of those stuck-up snobs that thinks Spam is beneath them... Get over it! Why deny yourself one of the most delicious foods in the world cause the meat comes in a can?

Have you ever actually tried Spam?

It's YUMMY!!!

Here's a link to a simple Spam Musubi Recipe. Maybe I'll look into trying this out this week....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I posted this little fun fact a while ago, but thought I'd share it again!!

Found this interesting bit of historic trivial in one of my many Felting Books. I love Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland (I've read it over & over). I think the quirky & whimsical adventures that Alice go on are amazing. I am always so envious of any artist who can create & articulate a new and imaginative world all their own. I just don't think I'm that creative!!

Mad Hatter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hatter is a fictional character initially encountered at a tea party in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and later again as "Hatta" in the story's sequel, Through the Looking Glass. He is popularly referred to as the "Mad Hatter," but is never called by this name in Carroll's book- although the Cheshire Cat
does warn Alice that he is mad, and the Hatter's eccentric behavior
supports this. (Likewise, the chapter in which he first appears, "A Mad
Tea-Party", is often called "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party")....

The name 'Mad Hatter' was undoubtedly inspired by the phrase "as mad as
a hatter". There is some confusion as to the origins of this phrase. Mercury
was used in the process of curing felt used in some hats. It was
impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the mercury fumes given off
during the hat making process. Hatters and mill workers often suffered
mercury poisoning as residual mercury vapor caused neurological damage
including confused speech and distorted vision. It was not unusual then
for hatters to appear disturbed or mentally confused, many died early
as a result of mercury poisoning...

Pretty funny huh? They said this is one theory as to the origin of the Mad Hatter. I am truly thankful that I live in an OSHA world. Yea safety regulations!!!


Then maybe I could come up with some truly unique ideas. Granted, I would be probably be delusional and think they were real, but it is the price you pay for TRUE GENIUS!!!