Friday, February 3, 2012

Future Vacations!

A couple weeks ago we went to the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Expo.  It was really cool cause it had just a ton of booths from so many places around the world to visit.  I have to admit that we will probably never be able to afford to go to most (like the $5000 African Safari), but it was just inspirational to see all the places you COULD go!

Last year I made the goal to travel more, see the world.  So far we've done pretty well - Hawaii, Southwest Road Trip, Grand Canyon, etc.  So here are a couple places that we definitely have on our short list, as in the next year or so!

These are the reasons that (even though I so don't want to) I go to my day-job everyday.  I know that I'm tired & grumpy & hate it, but I just keep thinking about all the cool places that we are going to go to!

My family is planning a trip this Summer.  We are so going to take a mega-road trip up to Yellowstone!

This is the BIG ONE!!  We want to go on an Alaskan Cruise next summer.
And with this one, we can totally try Dog-Sledding! Awesome!!!!

Yosemite isn't that far from where we are.  We can totally hit Sequoia National Park & Yosemite in one medium-sized road trip!

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