Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Urban Craft Center

So when I have time (eventually) I so want to check this place out!

It's a studio for crafty types here in Santa Monica.  They offer open studio time, classes, and have a library and store.  I think the coolest thing is that with their open studio time, they have access to all sorts of cool equipment that you might not use THAT often or might be too expensive to buy for their personal use.  

Some of the things they have to use are:

Janome Sew Precise sewing machines * Lendrum spinning wheels * Ashford drum carder * Bedazzler * Drop spindles * Snap maker * 1” Button maker and circle cutter * Gocco printers * Yudu screen printing machines * Cricut die-cut machine and design cartridges * Slice die-cut machine * Knitking knitting machine * Book Press * Dremmel * Large cutting mats * Irons and ironing boards * Fiskers rotary cutters * Gingher dressmaker’s shears * Swift & yarn ball winder * Variety of rubber stamps * Library of how-to books, copyright-free images, magazines, zines and a vintage books.

I think the Drum Carder is the most impressive, cause I've looked at them & they are CRAZY EXPENSIVE!  And my cousin-in-law has a Cricut & it's pretty cool, would just need to practice on if I can cut felt with it!

I'm so there....

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