Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions!

Me at the Big Texan Steak Ranch,
the place that sells the 72 oz. Steak challenge!

Lance & Me on our Road Trip!  This is the Grand Canyon!

So it's 2012. Damn.

So with the start of the new year, I've made some New Year's Resolutions....

1.  BLOG MORE - Okay, so I know I said I was going to blog more, like months ago, but I actually have a good reason for skipping.  I was commissioned to be in a Felting Book!  Yep, it's a project book so I had to make the projects & write all the instructions for them.  It was a lot of work.  I'll give you guys more info as the book's publication comes close!

2. LOOSE WEIGHT - This one is pretty standard.  I was doing so good last year, lost almost 20 lbs for the wedding.  Well marriage makes you lazy I guess, cause all that hard work is almost gone!  But we just got a Fitness Bike today, so that resolution is about to get under way!

3. COOK MORE - I hate cooking, and this doesn't help with resolution #2.  But I got a Crock-Pot for X-Mas & love using it!  I've been pretty good so far, so gonna keep going with it!  Got lasagna & my favorite dessert, MOCHI cooking as we speak.

4. FOCUS ON BUSINESS - I have some great ideas, why not make them?  It's my goal this year to not have to go back to my day-job.  I have another business in the works, too.  My husband happens to be an AMAZING photographer.  I'm working on setting up a shop for his prints, and make some fun photo-based crafty projects.  Be prepared to see fun felt & decoupage projects coming this year.

5. TRAVEL - I love traveling.  Got the bug last year when we went to Hawaii.  Since then we've been trying to figure out how to become globe-trotters!  Already did some over Christmas, went went on an epic road trip across the Southwest from Los Angeles to Dallas.  I've got some killer picts to share with you soon!  We have a trip to Yellowstone National Park in the works this summer with my family too!

So that's it...  Doesn't seem too bad...  We'll see!

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