Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cuckoo, Cuckoo!

So this is my latest piece that I've finished up.  It is definitely the most ambitious sculpture I've made to-date!

This is a little Cuckoo Clock & Bird that has decided he's had enough with these new-fangled Digital Alarm Clocks!  He's taken his revenge!

The Cuckoo Bird is needle-felted, with armature wire in his wings.  The Alarm Clock lights up using a 9V battery, and the REAL Cuckoo clock base actually works!  It was so much fun making him!

Cuckoo Vs. Digital 7Cuckoo Vs. Digital 6Cuckoo Vs. Digital 3Cuckoo Vs. Digital 10Cuckoo Vs. Digital 9Cuckoo Vs. Digital 2
Cuckoo Vs. Digital 8Cuckoo Vs. Digital 1

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