Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When an Accident Makes You Go "hmmm..."

Do you ever work really hard on a project, then you really screw it up?

You think, "IT'S RUINED!!! ... i worked so hard... why did i do that...

With me this usually happens when I think I know what I'm doing, I have a grand 'ol plan!  Then I kinda forget to think about one tiny step in the process, & I mess it up, BIG TIME!!

This happened to me yesterday.  I had some cute little cherry blossom flowers that I had made for a piece that I'm finishing up.  The plan was to pour a clear "water" resin base & place the flowers on top so that they were attached.  Well, dumb me didn't think about how casting resin is a liquid & that it would soak into the flowers....

Well I quickly pulled them out, ruining all the hard work I had done painting the flowers.  I worked long & hard on them.  But this is what came out of the "Happy Accident".  Kinda a cool pile of solid resined flowers.

This specific one isn't that pretty, but it did get me to thinking about how maybe I can use this technique later on... ON PURPOSE!!!  So take your mistakes & look at them with an open mind, you might like what you see!!!

These are the new cherry blossom flowers I started today, I like them better that those others anyways!!

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