Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Long Day of Felting!

I worked most of today, it felt good to get some work done cause I've been kinda lazy recently. So I shared the first process picts for my newest piece yesterday, so I thought I'd continue! Here was today's progress picts for the Tattoo Sparrow Felted Sculpture!

Sparrow Process 1

I started by sketching a pattern for the wings. I wanted both to be the same, so I made a drawing to cut the wool-felt from.

Sparrow Process 2

I traced the pattern of the wings on some pre-felted white wool. This is my new favorite material to make things go faster. Instead of felting wool from scratch into a thin shape, I just use the pre-felt & needle on top!!

Sparrow Process 3

I want one of the wings to come off the base into 3d, so I felted the armature wire into the wing. This helps with support & posing.

Sparrow Process 4

Both wings all cut & ready for color!

Sparrow Process 5

I used my handy new PhotoShop Elements to scale the original concept drawing up to the size of the wings. I like the shape of the body that I drew before, so I just printed it out to be able to use as a pattern.

Sparrow Process 6

This is another great reason to have the pattern. I cut it up to insure the shape & placements of the different colors.

Sparrow Process 7

I wanted the blue color on the body of the bird to be slightly thicker than the rest, so I just added a layer of white wool to add a little bulk.

Sparrow Process 8

Time to start the color!!!

Sparrow Process 9

I'm a sucker for some nice clean lines & graphic elements in my pieces, so I took the time to sculpt in the colored highlights. I wanted to have some white at the bottom of the wings.

Sparrow Process 10

After much needling, I finished all the blue! It was alot of needling!!

Sparrow Process 11

I then used the body pattern to sketch in the placement for the red under-belly color.

Sparrow Process 12

Fun color on the body is done!

Sparrow Process 14

All the color is done! Looking good!

Sparrow Process 15

Time for the line detail! Just using my handy black wool yarn to felt in the bold black lines around the shapes...

It was a long day & I'm done working, but he is coming along nicely!!

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