Friday, March 5, 2010


Even though I do have to work tomorrow.... I didn't think that working one extra day this week would be that big of a deal, but the evidence of my lack of blogging tells a different story. But I do have the excuse that one of my two days off was Lance's birthday, so I really only had one day to catch up on all my Crafting Stuff.

Trying to finish off all the projects that I started for the Pink Parlour Festival next weekend. I have been listing new items in my Etsy shop regularly for the past couple weeks though. Here are a few of the newly listed AWESOME things that I've finished!!

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop this next week because I will be putting it on "Vacation Mode" next weekend, packing everything up, & hopefully make some $$ at the Show!! If there's anything that you've had your eye on in the recent past, grab it now!!!

(sorry for the shameless plug... you all know I'm usually not like this!!! But wouldn't mind a sale or two in the next week ;)


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