Monday, March 22, 2010

*new* Jacquard iDye!!!

So we just got this new product in at work & I am so excited!! We just got the iDyes by Jacquard in and they look like they have alot of potential! As you all know I'm a huge fan of dying my wool with Kool-Aid. It's way non-toxic & easy & not that messy. But am seriously limited to the colors available (I guess kids only like to drink Bright & Fruity flavors instead of ones like "olive" or "gun metal"). I've also played with the WashFast Dyes by Procion, but there are way too many chemicals to help set the dye & it can be quite a production to dye a batch.

But Now....

There is Jacquard's iDye!!!!

I was so excited because these dyes come in so many Yummy colors! Plus they are really easy to use. They are the kind of dyes that you are supposed to just drop in the washing machine and just add some Vinegar, but they do include instructions for stove-top dying. I just cut the pack open and added a little of the powder to my pot & dyed away!! I tested the dye on this little turtle (sorry for the bad picts) I made for my niece's birthday next week! With just a tiny bit of the powder, the color was super bright!! I think once I get a little money in the bank from my Movie Job, I will have to invest in all the colors!!

These are definitely worth a look at if you like to dye your own wool. I will be trying on my next big piece this week (mini-Angler) and will post picts of the outcome!!

Available at your local Dick Blick Art Supplies Store ;)

*Had to add this in cause that's where I work!!!
**They also make a iPoly Dye. The original iDye is for natural fibers, but the iPoly is for synthetics!!

Picts of the new Display at work!!

mmm... iDye...



  1. Is the Jaquard iDyes any different from their original just add vinegar acid dyes? Or just easier to deal with?

    I've been using non-hazardous, eco-friendly Greener Shades dyes for my wools recently. They are really simple acid dyes (the just add vinegar type) too.

  2. Thanx!!

    I've never used the Jacquard Acid dyes before. I've only used the Procion Washfast Dyes (which are messy with lots of added chemicals). I'm also not sure that they are eco-friendly. Thanx for the heads up, I will have to look into them.

    I'm just excited cause I get a killer discount on these dyes!!! They work for me & are comparable to the Kool-Aid that I used before, just better colors!!

  3. I've used Procion before to dye silks and it is quite a messy, complicated process. A lot of fiber artists use Jacquard dyes, and they work wonderfully. I just didn't know if they had come out with something new. Thanks so much for the reply. And, a discount is always good! Have fun dyeing (that sounds a little weird) :-)

  4. You have amazing will power to work in an art supply store and not spend your whole check on fun would be like an alcoholic bar tending, for me.....too much temptation . If these dyes are as color fast as the Procion, it sure would be an improvement as I hate mixing all those chemicals but at least they don't bleed when I use them for nuno felting silks which I have had happen with some wool fiber I bought on Etsy . I look forward to seeing how they work for you .

  5. seriously... you can dye fabrics in your washing machine?? Will I have problems trying to clean off the dye from the washer and make sure the next load of laundry doesn't turn red?? I am wanting to dye 100% cottom muslin cloth in 2 colors, red and yellow. What is the best method to use, machine or pot? Thanks in advance.

  6. and how long did it take to have the colour fully on the turtle? and yeah what is the BEST method to use, washing machine or pot?