Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guest Blog Spot!

I just wanted to let everybody know about a guest Blog Spot I wrote on one of my favorite blogs:

Nancy was awesome enough to ask me to share a tutorial about my airbrush work. I did a photo tutorial showing the progression of some Chocolate Cupcakes!!! Please check it out....


Airbrushing a Cupcake 9

And my Movie Gig is going well!! I had to sign all these wavers about how I wouldn't Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc ANYTHING about the production!!! So far it's pretty tame, and i wanted to share a picture with you!

Ever wonder what People Who Work on Movies drive to work???
Well, I'll give you one guess which car is mine (here's a hint):

Truck... Big Truck... Fancy Truck... Truck... Beetle... GIANT Truck...

You guess.

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