Thursday, March 18, 2010

It just keeps coming...

Thought I was busy before... Now I just got a call to work on a movie for a few weeks. I'm excited about the money (totally need it), but then not excited about how tired I will be (plus the lack of time I will have to make all the new sculptures I have in mind). I do have a custom order that I HAVE to do this week (mini-Angler Fish!!!). Plus I get to keep my awesome job at the Art Supply Store!!! I love working there, but let's just say it pays a wee less than the Union work.

So don't want to officially say what movie I will be working on, but here is a teaser picture of one of my favorite toys I had as a kid....

You connect the dots....

This also means that I will probably be Blogging even less than I have been :(
I will try my best...


  1. Wow! How cool! You are very blessed to have such a creative day job and be able to make super cute felted goodies too :O) Have fun on your new movie job!

  2. HAHA!!! It's funny because working on Feature Films sounds super fun & glamorous... but... it's really a construction job & I make rocks & rubble all day, not the super cool Transformers or something (that's all Computer Graphics now)

  3. How cool that you get to work on something like that! ...SoundWave was one of my favorite toys ever, too.

  4. Will miss your blogging but somethings got to give.....that's already two jobs and your Etsy shop to juggle . Remember when you were a kid and time seemed to be in slow it's like every thing is on fast forward and never enough time to do everything we want/need to do .