Monday, January 4, 2010

WELCOME 2010!!

So it's the New Year, can you believe that it's already 2010!! I always forget to date my checks with the New Year. I'll probably be dating them with 2009 for at least 6 months, then when I finally get used to it, it'll be half over.

Looking Back at 2009 -

2009 was a pretty good year I guess. It was definitely a growing year for me. It was the start of my humble little FeltedChicken business. To think back on how much I've learned & have grown with my art is freak'n amazing. I've only been felting for a little over a year now. My 1st year anniversary of my Esty shop just pasted (actually the anniversary for when I signed up, but I don't think I listed anything till the middle of January). Nothing tragic happened (thank god), and I'm pretty sure that I am satisfied & happy looking back on everything that happened last year.

Looking Forward to 2010 -

2010... I have a feeling that it will be an awesome year. I love the New Year cause it's a fresh start, a reason to reassess your life & decide to make changes. This year hopes to offer many new beginnings. The biggest change for me will be that I'll be turning 30!! AHHHH!!! It's the beginning of a whole new decade for me. I'm not too worried about turning 30, but we'll wait & see if the pressure builds as the date gets closer. I don't think I could have imagined how much my life has changed during my 20's. Thinking back to when I turned 20 to now that I'm turning 30.... it's amazing what has happened and what I have done and what I have left to accomplish. My life is great right now. Sure... I'm poor, have been unemployed for pretty much 2 years, need to loose about 20 pounds, still get mega zits, have to clean up my dumb cat's pee, don't clean the house enough, etc... But as I am getting older, I understand that somethings are more important than others. I have a supportive Family, a home full of laughs & love, and exciting potential & opportunities with regards to my art & business.

Simple Resolutions -

Everybody has their resolutions for the New Year. Some of mine are pretty typical: cook more healthy food, exercise more, keep up with the laundry, try to be more positive, watch my house budget, etc....


I have some super ambitious Business Resolutions:
  1. Do more Craft Shows - I really enjoyed the Unique Los Angeles experience. I am already looking into some new venues that I can sell at!
  2. Experiment more with Materials and Techniques - I am still working with learning more about electronics, and got a new book on making stuff move (like with gears & cranks & stuff).
  3. Perfect Felting Process - There are still lots of things about felting that I still need to practice. I really want to practice more with wet-felting, maybe try felting vessels or hollow shapes.
  4. Apply to more Publications & Art shows - I think that my first Publication will be coming out this year. I want to keep an eye on applying to more Fine Art shows & possible Art and Textile anthologies.
  5. Start My Book - Okay, this one is for my Dad! He has been bugging me about maybe looking into and starting to organize ideas for writing a Felting Book. This seems like an almost unobtainable goal to me right now, but no hurt in trying, right? This will also inspire me to keep writing my blog & coming up with new Felting Tutorials.

So that's it. Not too much... uh... yea, right!! HAHAHA!!


  1. If you every come up to Berkeley CA, we have monthly craft sales at our studio---knit-one-one.

    To learn more about us---well more than you want to know!.....

  2. Thanx! I will look into it!! Been in Los Angeles for almost 5 years & still haven't been North of Santa Barbara!!

  3. Hi Chrissy - just popping in to see your Etsy Blogger Team Carnival post . ... can't remember how to do it, so here I am! Keep up the good work on your new year commitments ;o) I'm also committed to my online projects, and now that I no longer have a JOB away from home, and can work here full-time, I should be able to make great progress in 2010! Chat later, Nina @ Gossamer Wings Studio and mamas*little*treasures

  4. Congrats on your 1 year Etsyversary!
    Sounds like you have a firm idea of what you want to accomplish this year. Good luck in your endeavors!

  5. Your work is adorable and it's good to see that you're so motivated for the coming year!