Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So it is the beginning of a long week of rain here in SoCal. They are predicting that it could be the worst rain storms in the last decade, which kinda sucks cause my house is old & totally not rain-proof. Also, when you live in a place where it rains like days out of the year, it's annoying cause I count on having warm, dry days to help with crafting. I work a lot outside with painting, or hanging things to dry, or taking pictures. Well, glad I got a bunch of stuff photographed last week, cause it's going to be a while before I get out there again.

So here are some awesome in-process picts of my jumping frog!! He's all dyed & has his joints put in. I put grommets in the joints to help protect the felt, then put some small nuts & bolts in to have the movement. I just need to finish the detail on him, add a couple more joints & make the box & hardware, still a lot to do to finish, but he's coming along!!

upload pictures
Upload pictures


Question for my Fellow Crafters!!!

So I've got a question to those of you that sell at Craft Shows regularly:

Do you customize your table or booth display for each show or season... OR... Do you just keep the same setup for every show?

I'm going through my products & thinking about what I want to sell & how I want to display it for the upcoming show Pink Parlour Festival. I see that it's about 2 weeks before Easter & was wondering how many of you really tailor your products to the holiday or even the feel of the show. If you are selling at a more Artsy Show, do you feature more fine art pieces, or a more Crafty show, do you show more hand-made DIY stuff?

Or do you even think that much about it?



  1. You've done it again, Chrissy. He's fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished froggy!

  2. I don't sell at craft shows, but I would make my booth/items indicative of the particular show/season. That's just me. Oh, and I totally dig that frog!

  3. I've only sold at one art show but I have attended many and I think that I would rather see a booth that reflects the artist then one that reflects the "holiday...but that maybe because i get a bit bored with Holiday Clisha'...eggs, Christmas trees, flags ,ect . Eahc one of those have to be individually made and stored which probably means they will not be the best quality...(who can afford that ?) . Makes sense to me to put all the decoration money into one really nice set-up .

    As far as what I exhibit...I brought both sculptures and hair clips, bracelets and the more expensive stuff may not have sold much but it drew a lot of people who bought the $5-20 items and I did sell one for $80 to a couple who said they were there to support new artists . MOst myself, can't afford big ticket items but like to buy something to remember the day or help support the art the best we can ....(lots or opinions for someone who only sold at one show , lol)

  4. Lol...all that and forgot to mention that your frog is awesome ! I wish I had your ability to make things in realistic proportion, everything I do is lopsided because my brain is so "unbalanced" .