Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Featured Blogger - NICO Designs!

**Thanx for all the comments about Crafts Shows yesterday!! It was awesome to see the variety of ideas that people have. I think it gave me a lot to think about, but I agree with your guys, definitely showcase my sculptures with my own "voice" coming through the displays.... BUT... I think I can capitalize on the Girly, Spring Feel of the show with a few specific items... Yea.. that sounds about right...

It's January & since I've been really bad about keeping up with the requirements of my EtsyBlogger team, I wanted to be sure that I got them done this month!! So I'm writing today's post on my fellow EtsyBlogger..... NICO Designs.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little stuffed pears that NICO Designs has in her Etsy Shop right now. They are PERFECT for the season & are made from cotton fabric scraps & eco-spun Felt.

I think NICO has a great eye for the interesting patterns she uses in her items. I like the retro feel of the patterns, they might be scrap, but they look vintage!

NICO Designs has also started to create these sweet little Art Dolls. On Blog she gives a little background about what inspired each one. They are lovely and, again, have a very retro, maybe even Art Deco feel to them. They kind of remind me of those figurative antique jewelry stands.

Also be sure to check out NICO Design's Blog!! She has all sorts of neat stories about her art, and (from a fellow blogger point of view) has a great Blog Design. I like how she post's a kind of "Question of the Day" and has links to "You might like this".

Now that I'm blogging more, I guess it's time to try and update & innovate my blog design!!! It's just that I loved reading all the comments yesterday & need to figure out how to get you guys talking more!!!


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  1. Thanks for the feature and the comments about the shop and blog. I greatly appreciate it!