Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Inspiration!!

My Christmas vacation was awesome!! Spent a ton of time with the family, ate too much, drank too much, got a cold, watched WAY WAY WAY too much cable t.v., and didn't do anything crafty what-so-ever. My lack of motivation to create anything was forgotten after my Mom, Dad, and I went to see an amazing holiday (I call it ART) exhibit.

We went to an ICE SHOW!! It was all Grinch themed and was full of beautifully carved and painted ice sculptures. I call this an "Art Exhibit" because you just have to admire the skill & talent of the unnamed artists. It was very inspiring to see some great sculptures, and to remember that it doesn't matter what medium you choose to create with, but what you do with it!!

It was stupid cold in the exhibit, like 5˚... yes, I said 5˚!!!! They gave you a giant parka coat to wear, they had a huge ice slide and much needed hot chocolate at the end of the exhibit. Luckily we went on a weekday after Christmas, but usually the line to get in to the Ice Show is hours long. It was a great experience & after years of my family talking about going, I'm glad we finally made it.